Nuna and Serena L Tantric Sex Techniques

July 3, 2018
Tantra is all we need…

Tantra is the soul of India. It gave birth to the Kama Sutra, it is central to the yogic ambition, and it gives the continent its long history of brave sensual innovation. Yet the India of today is far too burdened by sexual repression and human abuse.

Hegre is doing all it can to help the mystic subcontinent correct the problem, and this film is exhibit one. An Indian girl – named Nuna - and an American girl – named Serena - sit together in an outdoor shrine. Together, they engage in a tantric initiation of absolute divine beauty. So intimate, so intense.

Ironically, the American is the expert, and the Indian the novice. And while there’s undeniable magic between them, it’s about two thirds of the way through - when the cucumber enters - that things reach an almost super-natural level. The love-making this fresh organic instrument empowers will leave you gasping. But it’s ok. Just breathe. It is the way of tantra.

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Members' Comments

Nuna/ Serena film
Will there be a film/massage with these two beautiful women without Petter getting the way? Sorry Petter!
Nuna & Serena, Técnicas de Sexo Tantrico.-
Es arrollador ver como las dos criaturas se prestan dóciles a los requerimientos de Peter, y se enroscan Duce y pícaramente como si fueran dos pre adolescentes que van descubriendo juntas la maravilla del sexo, pese a que ya son experimentadas mujeres adultas. Esperamos con fruición la película completa, el backstage es sabroso, pero tiene gusto a poco..
TQ Hegre. lovely , so natural. i enjoyed . cheers
Disappointing - Disjointed.
Didn't need to see the photographer at all. I really hope there's a finished product at the end of the shoot - it would make an amazing video.
Really like to see the phographer in action and hear how he interacts.
Full tantric video to come?
This is a video of the photo shoot. At the end it sounds like Petter mentions “tomorrow.” Did he and these beautiful ladies come back to shoot a full tantric video? We can only hope!
This is just a video about a photo shoot
The film contains a photo shoot. I was expecting something more immersive for the models. I can't handle the quick take edits lasting less than one second. The eye cannot register anything.
RE: This is just a video about a photo shoot
totally agree
Double the bums, double the pleasure. They are HOT, HOT, HOT together. Confirms why I am a bum man. Don't get me wrong, they both have lovely, edible pussies.
This shoot yielded some beautifully sensuous shots, many of which were included in this film. They encouraged me to go back and look at the gallery. Some of the images are absolutely first-class art. Nice work, Petter! Nuna has an appealing earthiness and innocence. Serena is a champ when it comes to modeling for erotic photography. An easy subject, sir? What a great duo.
nuna and serena
un fucking believeable
The women were very sexually compatible and very playful. I hope that future "tantric-sex techniques" include more oral stimulations!!
Serena and Nuna
So hot!!!!
wonderfull !!!!!!
On the whole, a beautiful video. BUT it would have been much better without Hegre interposing himself in it.
This is a. photoshoot of a simulation of tantric massage. It isn't the same experience as massage for the models or the observer. I cannot watch videos edited to run like a camera's burst mode. That might be exciting to a photographer to view the world like a camera,but really the eye cannot digest cuts of less than 1 second.
RE: Photoshoot
Agree, agree
Excellent video!! Loved the still photos that were mixed in!! Are cucumbers part of tantra??
At last, Nuna on film - thank you. But why just a BTS and so short? Hopefully Parts II, III and IV will follow soon?
I’m with you. The last films are a bit boring, ’cause of the crew jumping around.