Nikola Nibards puissants

August 12, 2014
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Les doigts explorateurs plongent en profondeur.

Regardez comme elle sent le va et vient de la Mer Méditerranée entre ses jambes. Contemplez-la courir nue dans les vagues. Observez-la affermir son corps. Et tout est dans son imagination.

Vous voyez, dans ce film vous êtes transporté dans l'esprit de nos mannequins. Alors qu'elle explore son corps pour la première fois, son esprit erre (et vous errez avec elle). Yeux bandés mais naïve, reluquez-la en train de se toucher comme jamais avant.

Elle découvre l'utilité de son clitoris. Et vous avez une vue panoramique.

  • Durée d'exécution : 12:03 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

She is so hot and sexy! I'm just salivating; she is making me so horny. I love her pussy. It must be warm and moist.
lovely! I do love the day-in-the-life type vids!
Nikola is the most beautiful, natural girl on your site ... let's have some more videos of her soon. Some of the photo shoots taken in 2012 were great - were videos taken of these ? if not what a waste !
superb erotica
I'd forgot how beautiful Nikola was and this film must rank as one of the most erotic on the site albeit a little disjointed! More please especially showing her aroused pussy whilst working out and an erotic massage where she is not in control of her arousal. Superb film all the same.
Very nice, but not much shown of the power rack isleading title should have been called naked on the beach
Welcome back Nikola !! You have a perfectly proportioned body. Wow You are beautiful and sexy woman. Wow, one more time.
now she may have never been with a man before but I find it real hard to believe that at 18 she has never rubbed one out. great video though but I am pretty sure she already knew what her clit was for and how to make herself cum