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Naomi - En la playa

May 31, 2005
14 comentarios
Dorándose bajo el sol

Intenta imaginar lo siguiente. El sol cae a plomo sobre las ardientes arenas de una costa virgen y prístina.

El agua está tibia, el cielo se ve azul y la exótica Naomi yace estirada en la playa, dejando que su hermosa piel desnuda absorba la luz de un día de pleno verano. Si te suena a fantasía hecha realidad tal vez querrás echarle una mirada a nuestro último filme.

Nos topamos con Naomi mientras se hundía en las delicias de la costa de Ciudad del Cabo y no le importó en absoluto que alguien la estuviera mirando.

  • Duración: 4:01 Minutos
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Comentarios de los Miembros

Was a member back when she first came out
long ago . 2005 doesn't seem that long compared to watching the second potter film which is where everything there caught on (oops, that wasn't supposed to happen I didn't entirely like the first one) and realize how YOUNG they were in the very first one compared to the final 6 years ago? O_O. So it was awhile ago. I think Valerie came close but Naomi is still tops in her area of the field. :)
Naomi on the beach
A wonderfully erotic invitation to an African vacation!
Beautiful, beautiful girl - ideal figure, beautifully proportioned breasts, nice pert nipples, fine ebony skin - a tasty duish to set before anyone.
I saw this wonderfull womann 5 or 6 years ago on this site. After a while I'm back and the first I want to do is, watch Naomi again!! What a woman! Maybe it is something for Pete to make a new serie of this incredible woman!!
Remind Me
Naomi remind me of another sexy Black model from Indonesia, Laura Gemser that I liked a great deal.
RE: Remind Me
DD, Naomi also reminded me of Laura Gemser. Also, Valerie would be a great person to play Laura Gemser in the Black Emanuelle films.
fantastic girl
i've never seen a black body like Naomi. She's really fantastic girl.
What a pretty nude women.Your site needs more and more women like her.When will this site employ more Women Of Colour?
I love the way Naomi moves. She is a natural! Wow!
Oh my God...
Okay, now I'm sure I've died and gone to Man-Heaven! Naomi is incredibly sexy & gorgeous in this video, and everything came together perfectly: the lighting, the music, the setting, Naomi's great poses. Magnificent! And by the way, I second everything "Septemberbug" said in his post below, too. Here's an idea: Make an hour-long DVD of Naomi (and ones of other favorite models), and sell them via the website. I'll bet they would sell like hotcakes! Just a thought.... Again, this was an incredible video--thanks!!
Naomi is one of the sexiest girls I've ever seen! She's certainly among the top three models on this site! Yummy! Pity it's such a short clip, though. Listen, Petter: Pack your bags, go to Cape Town and make an hour long movie about Naomi, and spend most of the running time showing us that absolutely gorgeous back side of hers...
A very sexy girl
No much words, just to say she is fantastic, ufff, made me sweat. Alberto
she is just AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen :o) Mitknight