Muriel Nymphe de la forêt

January 20, 2009
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Beauté naturelle

Si vous vous rendez dans les bois aujourd’hui vous aurez une bonne surprise...

Jetez un oeil dans la partie lumineuse de la forêt là où le soleil crée des ombres mouvantes entre les arbres et vous tomberez sur elle. La plus radieuse des nymphes de la forêt que vous souhaiteriez rencontrer, une apparition vêtue d’une robe blanche presque transparente...

Muriel, avec ses jolies formes, adore la sensation de se retrouver nue en plein air enlacée par la nature. Vous allez pouvoir en profiter en la regardant caresser ses incroyables seins généreux et jouer au milieu des arbres.

Une beauté sans nom entourée de la beauté de la nature - une rencontre réelle avec une authentique nymphe de la forêt !

  • Durée d'exécution : 12:13 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

Sweet Spread
Stop at 10:38 for a really nice oral fantasy.
schön! einfach schön
eine wirklich schöne festgehaltenen aufnahme einer sehr angenehmen frau...
Beautiful,but barely see her genitals.
Natural beauty
Another great film exhibiting Muriel's fabulous nude form. What a sight watching her walk nude through the forest! Just a wonderful beauty!
Muriel: Is a beauty without question. Her full-beautiful breasts tell that when the video first starts. I just wish that she got her feet up on the branch so that she could hang upside down, that would have made a great shot.
oh yeah, and another thing...
4 minute mark, an SUV rolls by in the backround reeeeeal slow... ha, ha, ha, nice! 5 minute mark, was ready to kill those damn birds. couldn't tell if it was SFX, or real. if it was SFX, you should've threw in some monkey, and dolphin noises... just because. Muriel is a dead ringer for this girl i used to know back in the day, uber sexy Italian girl. she lives in NYC now. *makes sad face* notices that piece of mystery bark everyone was talking about. cool place for it to land. i was messing around in a tree just like that once, but i was wearing clothes. anyway, i got a piece of tree bark in my eye. it sucked. trees can be really aggressive sometimes. ok i'm done now.
i wanna hang out in those woods!
aw man, i never get to see a Muriel swinging around up in a tree when i go wandering around out in the forest. all i ever see are squirrels, birds, and empty beer cans left by stupid teenagers.
I thought I was looking pretty close, but on closer inspection you are quite correct. It was just bark.
She did not. You have to take a closer look. :) That was bark from the tree (you could see it fallin down) and no poo... come on you wish that she has pooped ;)btw: Awesome Muriel, awesome film, awful music :/
musta missed that!!!
Oh my god! She pooped! The strain from hanging in that tree I guess. Anyway, I love it. Muriel is just a real, sexy woman. She looks like she'd be fun to be around, what a great smile.
Got to love Muriel fantastic tits shes got
other that her spine popping out of her back, at one point,it was SMOKIN HOT!!!
a very sexy/sensual/beautiful woman.