Melissa Au lit !

November 10, 2009
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Réveillez-vous auprès de Melissa

Ne laissez pas passer cette chance unique de pouvoir vous glisser sous les draps de Melissa, cette ravissante et chaleureuse mademoiselle !

De plus, Melissa est d’humeur érotique. Profitez donc du spectacle en la regardant masser délicatement sa jolie petite chatte et faire joujou avec ses petits tétons si fermes - vous la verrez se donner du plaisir à un point que vous ne pouvez imaginer !

Jouissez de cette vue imprenable ; Melissa s’excitant au plus haut point et la caméra se faufilant de-ci de-là sur son sublime corps…

Douce, sensuelle et ô combien sexy – vous auriez tout à perdre en ne rejoignant pas Melissa dans son lit !

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Commentaires des Membres

Czech beauty
Dear Melissa, you are so beautiful, outstanding beautiful, your eyes are like a deep blou mountain lake, your face I don´t have words for it, your smile is like the sunshine and your Body is just perfect, amazing, wonderful, I could hug and caress you all day and night Long. I want to kiss you all over, and your wonderful hair is just a dream. There are really many many wonderful Girl on the net but if I could choose one it would be you of course. kisses from vienna :)
Madly in love!
Melissa bed session left me madly in love, hard to find more beautiful and hotter woman than her. I want more!
Imagining Melisa in the morning
I don't know if I'm capable of imagining what it would be like to wke up to Melisa snuggled in against my body with that incredible ss of hers, and then to have look back at me with those blue eyes? It would be just too much.
I miss her.
She is the reason I came to this site. Soft, yet well designed body. When god made women she is what he intended!
Her body is soooooo beautiful!!
The subject
I have quite literally studied the topic of the female orgasm to the point where I can get any woman I sleep with to have as many orgasms as I choose to, or not. I only wish that women would actually devote as much time to their men as we dedicate to them. Women seem to think that our sole objective is to get blown, jerked off and orgasmed as quickly as possible. Just as with women, there's a lot that goes on between one head (where the brain is located) and the other (where the nerves are located). But so few women are actually capable of understanding that for men, intimacy is just as important as sexuality. So here's one more woman demonstrating that it doesn't take rocket scientists to fire up her libido. Yippy.
RE: The subject
Well said. Sage advice!!!!
Sensual and soft
A soft gentle lovely girl - The art of the photographer here is to move at her pace, with the music- it's a sensual, intensely personal erotic ballet. Lips to kiss, nipples to fondle, thighs to lie between as one caresses tha sweet pussy with fingers that melt into hers... And one senses that she aches to be complete with a man and then fall softly to sleep...
more melissa!
please have more videos of melissa, i cant get enough of her!!!!!!!!!
I am in love
Melissa, do you want to marry me? te quieres casar conmigo?
oh my god melissa is gorgeous! please make more pictorials of her!!!!!!
Bare Back Rider
Astride her voluptuous buttocks lickety-split to a vigorous finish.
Where else can I see this wonderful woman?
Miss Petite
Perfectly formed little minx and deliciously sensuous.
Wow, what an ass!
Fantastic female with an incredible ass. Nice pussy too.
My favorite part is around the 04:55 mark, Melissa's back to us but it's her tousled hair that makes moment for me. Again around 07:30. Nice film, love the setting.
one incredibly sexy woman.
Melissa has a body to die for. She has the most perfect ass, thanks so much. Very nice indeed. Paul Mcg