Marisa Körperbewegungen

January 6, 2015
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Wahre Schönheit in Zeitlupe.

Zugegeben sie würde bei jeder Geschwindigkeit gut aussehen, aber in Zeitlupe wird Marisa zu einer Göttin. Es ist fast als ob Petter Hegre den Olymp erklommen hätte und sich die hinreißendste und verführerischste Frau rausgesucht hätte, die er finden konnte.

Dieser Kurzfilm ist wunderschön und fesselnd, aber er bietet noch mehr als nur ein atemberaubendes visuelles Vergnügen. Er ist die perfekte Meditation, um das Ende eines Jahres und den Anfang eines neuen zu markieren.

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I love seeing women in motion like this. Very beautiful.
"Des Seins animés"
Quelle beauté ! C'est de l'art!
Best Danse!
Marisa film
L'érotisme, ici, est du grand art. Quand je pense qu'il y a un homme qui vous aime, je me demande s'il connait l'étendue de son bonheur.
Too many cuts
Petter This isn't a rock video. She is gorgeous. The slo-mo and lighting are beautiful. However, it would be better to allow the body more time to move, allow us more time to see it in motion, without chopping it up. Have confidence in your shot and don't feel you need to cut all the time to give it energy. She holds us with her grace and her beautiful body. Let it play.
Simply phenomenal. Strong, confident, bold, gorgeous, athletic model. Really highlights her instead of just focusing on her awe inspiring chest. So.. when is Darina doing her video like this?
Just Lovely
Body Motion, Marisa, Annette & Emily
Magnificent !! The comparable one is the American In Paris performed by Annette. Wonder how it would be great if Emily to perform ?
what about her lovely arse?
Marisa has a great natural strong athletic body, but most of the film is showing her front. She has one quick spin showing her backside - bloody terrible, what's the problem? Film her back view!
Marisa film ...
Don't change anything. Ne change rien. Be careful. Be yourself. MERCI beaucoup. Thanks a lot.
Slowness suits the flawless Empress Marisa
This film is the perfect complement to the « First Nude » photo series; it’s a real success even if the changes in the pace make it, at times, a little difficult to watch. Furthermore, in the second half of the movie, the music is sometimes too rapid for the images, or conversely – but I know it’s not easy to adjust –, and the soundtrack seems to collapse at the end of the film. At last, maybe some classical music would have been nice here (Brahms, Schubert?..). But – and this is the main point – “Marisa: body motion” is, with “First Nude”, both an incomparable treatise on anatomy and a treatise on an incomparable anatomy. I don’t know if the Empress Marisa has a volcanic temperament but I am already sure, after only one photo series and one film, that she is an earthquake, with great magnitude on the Richter scale. Now, after “Marisa: body motion”, will we see “Marisa: body lotion”? Let’s (s)pray.
Beautiful, graceful, artistic, joyful, sensuous celebration of the female body and a gorgeous one at that! Work of art, well done to all concerned.
Outstanding! A body of sculpted marble! Love her big bouncing tits! That alone is worth the price of admission! Grazie mille Marisa!
WHAT A WOMAN! WOW! MARISA is like one of those bronze statues brought to life because of the enchantment and desire she sparked in those who admired her au naturel form, which stood on a small pedestal in a popular, public park.
Well said Komet! She is a sculpted beauty! Reminds me of another: Tereza!
lovely body...lovely motion...nuff sed!