Marika Rasieren und Abspritzen

November 14, 2017
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Die Fontaine der Jugend

Marika kennt das perfekte After-Shave…

Es hat doch schon etwas recht Entspanntes an sich eine wunderschöne junge Frau beim Unkrautjäten ihres geheimen Gartens zuzusehen. Ihre Hände bewegen sich langsam und vorsichtig. Sie schäumt sich ein und die scharfe Klinge gleitet über ihr festes Fleisch. Wir zittern mit ihr, teils vor Angst, teils unserer Fantasien wegen.

Wenn Sie so etwas mögen, ist dieser Filme die Creme-de-la-Creme, denn die Kamera geht so nah an Marika ran, daß Sie den Rasieschaum, den sie benutzt, um die "Sache" schön glitschig und feucht zu halten, schon förmlich riechen können.

Aber wie wir alle wissen, das Beste an einer Rasur ist das After-Shave und Marika hat das perfekte Wässerchen. Nicht etwa aus der Flasche, nein, nichts Unnatürliches. Mit ihren langen sinnlichen Fingern spielt sie an den Blütenblättern ihrer Blume und taucht tief ein auf der Suche nach Nektar.

Und dann kommt es, und kommt es, und kommt es. Die Kamera fährt so nah ran, Sie können es schmecken und wenn Sie sich abspült, fühlen Sie sich, also ob Sie bei ihr wären und sie leise umarmen und feiern. Das ist eine Fantasie, der man andächtig nachgeben sollte.

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Marika is fantastic.....
Marika's shaving video
Marika, this video alone was worth th e monthly fee. thrilling!!!
This is so damn HAWT! Watching Marika shave blew my mind!
Absolut geil, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...
BETR: Marika
ja meiner auch
I really love a smooth and totally deforested pussy! I have to thank the late great Hugh Hefner for bringing this style to the public in the 1980s... female nude photography has been more beautiful every since. Thank you also Peter for continuing Hugh's endeavor in presenting the nude female form.
So good !
Wow ! I want to bury my face between her legs, damn !
Bush. For and against.
Sorry, but I do disagree with that. In porn, especially this particular site, education is an element, and a properly defoliated vagina is essential for an unobstructed view. On a more personal level, I insist on my women hair free. If I need to floss, I will do it before any lip service. Furthermore, whenever I hear a complaint against shaving, or waxing, the critic always uses the pre-pubescent girl argument, to imply a paedophile inclination amongst the people who like a smooth pussy. Or the other lie, that pubic hair helps to keep the vagina clean and infection free. Neither argument stands scrutiny, and the one that implies paedophile tastes is particularly unfair. If you're tastes are for bush, say so. But don't use the little girl argument to make you're point. And don't say bush is required for hygiene. (I know you didn't, but people with you're viewpoint often do)That's why women wear knickers.
I really want to suck her butt hole
I am not fond of that girl even if I watched the video. When you look at her before and now, she has used botox on her lips and so on...she was cuter before...
Amazing video. but now i´m searching for her chair or what it is.
Too good. Something original and new.
Well, I thought that was awesome! the voyeur in me has always liked watching girls "groom"!
Marika squirter
Es la primera vez que veo a una squirter eyacular un liquido blanquecino como si fuera semen siempre vi líquidos incoloros, transparentes. Esta mujer es única en el mundo...
Marika se afeita y chorrea
debe haber pocas cosas tan eróticas como una mujer rasurándose el vello perineal, el de la concha,y el del ojete, más la masturbación intensa con eyaculación constituyen un combo sublime
I sincerely trust she drank a lot of fluid after that to re-hydrate her. Whoever tagged her juice "coconut milk" was correct and I certainly would not mind it splashed all over my face while going down on her. Tongue-de-li-icious. :-)
Was a great video but must they all be shaved as naked as a new born baby? Personally I thought she had a great little fur patch before and would love to see some ladies keep their fur. Don't need a giant bush but a nicely trimmed one is very sexy.
You gotta love the prominent on/off button at 7:15
Damn was that hot. A true squirter.
Marika is amazing
That is one cute lady. I bet there are a lot of ladies out there wishing they could do that as well as she does. Seems to me if all were willing that a piece with her and Charlotta or another willing lady would be masterful.
Shaving: Noooooooo!!
I don't care for this kind of video at all. It would really be nice - as well as refreshing - if this site would celebrate the beauty of Women with a lush, furry pubic thatch.
Wow best movie in some time.
Love that pusssy leaking girl cum
very hot sequence - would love to taste that girl come and help her produce even more