Magdalena Spaghetti Body

November 1, 2016
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Artistic Angel

Sent to create heavenly naked sculptures.

Sometimes the most beautiful things in the world are the simplest. True beauty, real beauty, doesn’t need any help to look good. It just does. So don’t expect any production fireworks in this short documentary-style short film. You’ll simply get to enjoy pure beauty.

You’re about to see Magdalena demonstrate the impressive physical limits of the human body. But this is no circus act; this is art. She’s like an angel sent from heaven to create gorgeous naked sculptures, just for our viewing pleasure.

Watching this will be sure to make you feel good inside.

  • 時間: 7:34分
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Bellissima e bravissima. In tutte le palestre italiane dovrebbero fare ginnastica così.
On top of everything else, best smile ever <3
Magdalena spaghetti
When do we get to see the stills that you took during the filming??
I was delighted to see Magdelena's lovely set of smiles - from subtle to BRIGHT!! Her body is a charm to the eyes and when she smiles, she radiates warmth and invitaton!
Smile Girl
In addition she is super beautiful, I love girls with easy smile, just melt me down, congratulations keep this sympathy all your life
I always feel like I need traction after watching these ladies.
The twins!
Always enjoy watching them either together or alone-young, beautiful, talented, uninhibited.........!
Such a beautiful women !! Such a beautiful smile !! What a delight !! Thank You
Beautiful face and body, add the flexibility. All so easy to her; and has nice smile.
Twisty Twins!
Can't get enough! thanks again for the BTS peek!