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Luba Tango In Paris

August 30, 2005
10 Kommentare
Darf ich Sie zum Tanz bitten?

Jedemal wenn die lustvolle Luba einen neuen Film herausbringt, können wir uns vor Aufregung kaum einkriegen.

Schließlich hat sie alles, was wir an einer Frau so schätzen; Schönheit, Selbstbewusstsein, und eine natürliche Beziehung zur Kamera. Das besondere Einfühlungsvermögen, dass Luba und Petter füreinander besitzen, macht eine der großen Beziehungen in der Welt der Fotografie aus.

Für alle, die diesen Film von Luba sehen dürfen, in dem sie nackt im Rampenlicht eines Pariser Studios tanzt, bedeutet das nur eins: Den totalen Genuss!

  • Spielzeit: 4:20 Minuten
  • Format:
    • SD 300p (19 MB)
    • SD 240p (6,7 MB)


A great body, a nice face, what's more. Many thanks to Petter for that enthusiastic work
Lovely Luba
Petter and Luba, I'm new to the site and understand that you two are very special to each other. Oh Petter you lucky guy - apart from all the photography!! Your amusing compliment about your beloved's bottom at the end of the video applies to all of her - Luba is great all over! Norm
Let me catch my breath ...
Dear Petter & Luba; Wow. As each day passes Luba appears more beautiful than the day before! Yes, I too have been waiting all week to see the new Luba film. Petter, I have to agree that she is indeed the "Perfect Women." This morning as I watched for news of my friends in New Orleans and Mississippi recovering from the disastrous Hurricane Katrina; it was a welcome break to switch over to your website. When I see a beauty like Luba, I know that all is well with the world.
movie star
Luba, so good to see you back on the movie screen. I do not understand why you have not perused a movie career ? You are beautiful, have a very strong present and your expressions are just astonishing. I know movie producers in LA that would love to give you a chance... anyway, thanks for putting up a great show for us. You are my one and only "locker" girl.
Yeah the title could use a little work......Tango + stairs = impossible. Luba still maanges to pull it off.
#124 The pigtails ]and darker hair?] somehow puts all the focus on the body
Luba-Tango In Paris
Fantastic combination of body moves, eye focus and mind games. Her selection of music was superb. Whats' the title-who is the artist?
Greg, my opinion is that Luba knows shes better than movies, so there is no need to be an actress on her part. =)
TANGO ???? gotta be kidding. Don't think you boys in admin will "approve" this one.
Most Provocative....
Luba si so natural a model and so pretty and care free.... I wish I could meet her some day....