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Luba Red and Pink

September 26, 2006
Pink is the New Black

Everyone loves Luba, and why shouldn’t they? She has that certain spark, that glint in her eye, that way of moving no man could ever possibly resist.

Posing in a pink polka-dot teddy, Luba strikes a pose and let’s the camera slowly trace her curvaceous body in intimate detail. Then, just when you think you’ve had enough, Luba slowly turns, gives the camera a little wink, and reveals the best parts of that perfect body you know you were just dying to see. This may be a non-nude film, but when it comes to Luba, the beauty is all in the details.

Petter and Luba originally created this film during a commercial lingerie shoot but decided to share the ‘uncensored’ version with all of you. Enjoy!

  • Runtime: 4:25 Minutes
  • Format:
    • SD 480p (20 MB)
    • SD 360p (11 MB)
    • SD 240p (6.9 MB)

Members' Comments

Can someone give me the name of the song/singer we hear in this little nice film?
Your Wife, Luba, Mirta and, Yanna are the reason for my membership. Luba particularly emanates pure female sensuality and beauty without even trying. As I've seen you quote on some of her images, "You are a lucky Man to be her life-partner!" What A Woman!
Luba looks great under any music. I was a member just about the time it switched to the new site. But could afford it, then figured out why Luba is the main icon of the site. Okay color me stupid. So this time I rejoined just for her beauty even if she's taken. Definately need some XXL size photos here though. :)
Luba is beautiful. Her eyes are cativating and that smile is just unforgetable. There is a little crease in her cheeks as she smiles that is completely charming. Just a note, as a jewelery designer I study color on human skin. Luba looks best in bright colors. The pink does not do her justice but the bright red is perfect, as would be any bright,intense jewell like color.
Sexy, but I wished you showed more...
I want to buy that lingerie for my girl. What brand ?
Thank you
My husband showed my this movie. I am speechless! From one woman to another: you are the most sensual and delicate person I have ever seen! Those eyes!
Forever Luba
Just when I thought I would never see Luba in a Hegre-film again, she returns, and what a "comeback". She is more mature and more beautiful then ever, but I wish you would publish the second half of the film as well... but I guess that is for Petter's eyes only...