Lidia Beauty Behold

July 31, 2018
Beauty is in the body of the goddess…

Every woman is beautiful in her own way. And we have a huge diversity of looks on our site. But now and then we get a girl who has that “top model” vibe. She just gives off the sexy air of being an international supermodel.

Such is Lidia. With a long tight body, dreamy cats eyes, and smooth creamy skin, she could be on the cover of any fashion magazine in the world. But fortunately, we’ve got her in a more intimate setting. That’s right - posing, dancing, and getting completely naked for the Hegre lens.

Set to beautiful music, and using captivating slow motion shots, this is a true sensual feast for the eyes and spirit. She is truly a goddess, come down to show her secret nature to our mortal desires. And we drink it up like the juices of heaven.

  • Runtime: 14:25 Minutes
  • Format:
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Members' Comments

Lidia has the most beautiful face - well proportioned, nicely groomed and eyes that penetrate. Oh, by the way, her body is also perfection. Thank you, Lidia
Under the radar
How did Lidia manage to slip under the radar until now? This stunning debut film shows what an absolute beauty she is: smiling, confident and smoking hot. Those eyes! She really is the full package. I'd love to see her wearing more, so that she has more to remove. She does it so breathtakingly well.
Erotic Bliss
This is absolute erotic bliss. I love everything about this video; the camera work, the music, the breathtaking model and her come-hither mood. It all comes together in a sumptuous treat for the senses. Well done, everyone.
Very sexy look. Particularly the eyes. Yummy "all" over. Tongue-de-li-icious.
What color are her eyes?
What a beauty. Perfect breasts, succulent nipples and those eyes—I could get lost in her eyes.
Ohhhhh wow!
fantastic lady
she moves like a elegant cat!
lovely! gotta love slo-mo!