Konata y Lulu Escena Sushi

April 2, 2013
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Dulce y salado

A Konata y Lulu les encanta satisfacer sus apetitos. Ahora tienen su oportunidad.

Algo muy especial ha sido preparado para ambas. Hay suficiente para satisfacer los gustos más variados. Primero sentirán la excitación de ver lo que hay esperándolas. Después podrán disfrutar de las delicias expuestas en la vitrina. Cenar en esta mesa es húmedo y suculento. El gusto es lo más importante. Las sensaciones y aromas son frescos, delicados y elusivos.

Es el placer para todos los sentidos.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Awesome video and photoset, but I'd love to see something love that by a beautiful shaved Japanese girl, too!!!
Very odd!
There's no getting away from it, the Japanese have some very strange customs! I can't say I found this even slightly erotic - but it's certainly comic. I was waiting for a few little curls of pubic hair to make part of the banquet - it wouldn't have surprised me at all. I'm afraid those thick bushes do anything for me, either - nicely trimmed public hair can enhance a pussy; but the Japanese girls usually manage to make the space between their thighs look like unkempt hedges!
So so great to see Konata and Lulu again! Great to again see their beautiful hairy pussys. Wonderful looks at Lulu's pussy. I can't get enough of Konata. What a beauty! And what tits she has! Love how they hang down, plump full and perfect, as she leans over Lulu. Love the peeks at Konata's bare buns and butt crack too! Please Hegre, bring these girls back!
my two fav ladies are back
I like Sushi and I like both girls but the combination was kinda weird.
beautiful girls...finally hairy pussy
Lovely bushes, especially Konata.
You should be a photographer for the Food Network. I appreciate your attempts at eclectic art but this one is pretty far out there. Go back to what made you great.
Mixed feelings
I have got mixed feelings about seeing all the chopping, slicing etc. that goes on. Is it all that erotic?
Slow down
When all the sushi is laid out like it is the effect is great. But we do not see enough of that because it goes too fast. Why not slow down a bit?
Wanted more
The best bits are when the eating is happening. I wanted to see a lot more of that than there was.
it's not often you make me hungry, petter! so, are they gonna trade places?
Back again
Great to see these two back again. They have been missing too long.