Kloe Model Life

March 10, 2015
Experience heaven

A naked day like no other.

In this short day-in-the-life film, you’re about to find out what’s it’s like to spend a day with our gorgeous girl-next-door, Kloe.

You’re the first person she sees in the morning. As she gets ready you can sit back and admire her incredible body. Whether she’s working out, or running naked on the beach, you’ll be right there watching every single moment.

In one scene she lies on her sofa, her naked body warmed by the kiss of the sun. It’s pure Hegre magic. And your little glimpse into heaven.

  • Runtime: 7:58 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Everithing okey, less the tatoo
Kloe is simply ultra sexy! I love her curves! And amazing eyes
This is simply wonderful!!
Thanks for the slice-of-life, so to speak :) ~~
Video Length - Requesting More Video Time With Model. PLEASE !!!
- Kloe Is an Absolute Stunner; Love Her Naturalness, Playfulness With The Camera. Please PLEASE !! Give Us More Kloe On Film. Would Love To See Her In One Of Your Self Stimulation Films Or Mutual Masturbation Films. AWESOME !! - To Peter & The Team. AWESOME BEAUTY. Thank You For Providing Her To US. Would Love To See More Of This Stunning Young Woman. Who's Allowed Her To Grace Upon Her Beauty. I'm So Excited & Completely Satisfied As A Customer Here At Hegre. Best Membership To Any Website EVER !!!
In awe
Wonderful video. Not only does Kloe obviously have a perfect 11 body but also it seems her playful yet driven personality comes through. She'd be fun to spend time with id imagine. As for the video....wonderful editing, cinematography, music selection. You have very high quality workers on your projects. Congrats!!
President Obama was the last picture in the book she was having a fantasy with
Kloe: Contemplative, Meditative and she's a naked model
This glimpse of her life, instead of putting her labia out for study, shows her as a naked model with spiritual life. I will study some more clips to determine how the spiritual interacts with the sexuality in the makeup of a successful nude model.
This is amazing! Kloe has a beautiful face and body, beyond words! Very good shots and lighting too, and plenty of variety! Thankyou Kloe, Hegre, and co!
Love the piercing!
I love Kloe's piercing and tattoo! Hope to see a lot more of her.
I do love these day-in-the-life videos! it's nice to be given the (albeit false) sense of actually being a part of these ladies' lives! was that Obama she was gawking at in that book? lol anywho... kloe is lovely
This girl is amazing, thank you for letting us have a video of her so soon, loved watching her walk around in the streets, and luckily we got to see her take her clothes off quite a few times. This is the sort of girl I would like to have sit on my face.
Nude Goddess
Kloe approaches the Greek ideal of Nude Female Beauty. Which begs the question: Why the piercing of her nipple and the tattoo? Don't these girls realize that it is in their pure natural nude form, without disfigurements, they most closely approach the ideal of beauty?
Kloe's Got the Goods!
Kloe, the latest addition to Hegre, has certainly got the goods: full yet perky tits and, of course, outstanding very squeezable round buns. Thank you Kloe for showing us your Nude Beauty!
Where other Tits have Bounced Before
So good to see Kloe, the newest addition to Hegre, running naked, tits bare bouncing and free, on the same beach where other Hegre models,notably Muriel, have run before. Welcome Kloe to this most esteemed sisterhood.
Kloe Model Life
It is easy to ignore how many hours of posing and retakes were needed to produce short films like this. Perhaps one of the chief qualities of a photographic model - apart from physical beauty - is good-natured patience.
Pure natural beauty