Kira Private Show

March 2, 2010
For Your Eyes Only

Enjoy a private dance from Kira in this red-hot new film!

Take in the view as Kira dances naked – for your pleasure. This girl certainly knows how to move her gorgeous body, so marvel as she writhes around and flicks that gorgeous mane of long hair…

Kira shows off every inch of her firm young body as she dances for you and when she fixes you with that sexy look you know you have been totally seduced!

Sexy and seductive this hot, new film is going to drive you wild!

  • Runtime: 5:32 Minutes
  • Format:
    • Full HD 1080p (69 MB)
    • HD 720p (49 MB)
    • SD 480p (32 MB)

Members' Comments

let the girl move or the camera. Not both at the same time. I want to see Kira's beauty and her motion, but too much waving the camera around just makes me dizzy.
Yes, about the shoes.
It's a quibble, but since the shoes are used to start the shoot, they should be chosen more carefully.
Props Wardrobe
Vel I don't think these are Kira's shoes, I have seen them on other girls. I don't have a thing about feet but shoes yes, and girls shoes in the UK are simply stunning. should update their wardrobe with the advice of a fashion expert. Yes Kira looks gorgeous in black, do you remember her first gallery.
Can't understand the attack on Kira? She is way hot! And also has a good dress sense in clothes that suit her. In some of the older gallerys the girls have really bad looking shoes! I got a thing about feet so I notice these things!
Silken Sensuality
Visually spectacular with stylised gestures, shadows on shadows, the voyeur at a distance, uninvolved. Parted lips, vacuous expression and gyrating hips make-up the mainsteam image of sexy. And the contradictious smile ~ brilliant. I love her!
i agree with laurie
strong language maybe but this is another personal slight by c asana on Kira. not the first and he has ignored previous hints. content and presentation is rightly open to debate and arguement, comments about the girls restricted to "she does not appeal" is enough information.
hot hot hot she ressembles so much Dexter's wife, "Rita" in the HBO series!
I do think that Kira may indeed be the new Yanna. This beautiful woman has it all. Please, more of Kira in the near future. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg
Smart words ~ lousy opionions
You just cannot resist digging the shit on this girl can you Arsehole. The only reason I read your written diarrhoea is to see if you ever make derogatory remarks about any other girls. Seems you save all your nasty spite for Kira. Its just pure character assassination. I find it amazing that you can be so mean spirited about someone you know nothing about and who cannot defend herself. I think it actually says quite a lot about the shallow, deeply unpleasant person you are. And a creep to boot! Just fuck off back to the bottom of the pond and suck on an amoeba.
I'll start with the good. The music and editing are terrific. This Purekane track captures the mysterious eroticism of the east. The bonfire may ward off wolves but attracts vampire women dressed in bangles and silks. The quick paced camera angle changes work too. Not frenetic but on the brink. Unfortunately the weak link in this chain is once again Kira. The Ke$ha-like open mouth expressions are way overdone. The dressy shorts are a nice touch but Kira's proportions do not lend themselves to teeny ankle boots, the result is a bit too Snooki from The Jersey Shore. She also uses her hair like extensions she is unaccustomed to and it is distracting. There are glimpses of what could be however. That moment from 03:08-03:09 keeps me believing there's a Kira 2.0 waiting to get out.
A stunning fusion of cool and style.
Very nice. I would love to see Kira and Dominika C together. I think they could be as hot as the Marlene/Olena O pairing!