Kiki Nymphe aquatique

May 1, 2012
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Elfe séductrice

Ajoutez-y Kiki et vous obtenez une eau gazeuse. Elle est dans son élément ici.

Elle se détend dans l'eau apaisante. Cela élimine les moindre affres de la vie. Elle est libre de songer aux plaisirs à venir. Un sourire rêveur se dessine sur son visage alors qu'elle se remémore des délices du passé. Soudain il y a un élan puissant qui la fait respirer plus fort.

Comme une main d'un amant agile l'eau effleure le haut de ses jambes. Des petites vaguelettes se faufilent autour et entre elles. Puis en elle...

  • Durée d'exécution : 5:56 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

This video is so entrancing. Nice work to all involved.
merci !!!!!!
merci à ceux qui on créé cette vidéo :)
the art in water nymph
Finally Petter you have succeeded in uniting art and sensuality. The delicacy with which KIKI stirs in the water is sweet and sensitive. Here the eros, the art and the beauty meet him completing theyrself each other
Water of KIKI
As I would want to be the water that bathes the body of KIKI!!!!!!
Untortunately not enough
elegant good videography BUT: Need more sound/ moaning and finger play What is this a PG rated site!!!
RE: Untortunately not enough
well, originally, it was an ART site. (hence the name)
She is so peaceful and tranquil just lying there, almost like unconscious. I think that is really erotic. She is in my power when she is like that.
It’s a shame there wasn’t more of Kiki touching herself in this film. Yes, there is a little bit but that just gets started when she stops. So come on Kiki, let’s see more of you in action.
Every pore
That’s a great effect when there are frames of her pussy just under water (at 1:00 for example). The water works like a magnifying glass. I can see every pore on her skin. Lovely.
Kiki is so convincing in this movie at being in a trance. It is a bit of a shock when she opens her eyes and looks straight out at you like those street artist “statues”.
Real pretty
Kiki looks gorgeous when the water goes over her bush. It reminds me of underwater in the sea when the seaweed is disturbed. Real pretty!
well, that was interesting! nice! I liked it!