Kiki La historia de O

April 30, 2013
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Compañeros de cabecera

Kiki se encuentra con algunos amigos de antaño. Han pasado horas desde la última vez que los ha visto. Ella sabe que puede confiar en ellos.

Su lectura trae memorias que la inundan. Retrocede en las páginas bien conocidas que le han dado tantos momentos felices. Pero, ¿cuál de sus pequeños amigos será el elegido esta vez? Todos le proporcionan placer, ¿cuál elegir? ¿Quizás la mejor manera es probar más de uno?

Sí - eso es lo que necesita, la manera en que lo desea.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Finally a Hegre model who lets the great pleasure of an orgasm out. Screaming in pleasure. Then the return to the book at the end. And the glance to say bye to the viewer. Well done Peter.
Kiki Story of O
Well done; Kiki is super; but little view of labia, clit, anus while masturbating with toy; great contrast of her light skin, dark hair with deep red and yellow in background. But suggestion: Why not have her -- or maybe an outside voice, male or female -- read sections of "O" while Kiki works her self with the toy. The small dark red double-dildo at beginning could have been used more creatively; and why not at least a closely trimmed bush? When going down, I like bush under and around the vulva, a little around the labia, and then clean-shaven downwards.
Love this film and the gorgeous Kiki.
Story of O
Perhaps Hegre's wonderful talent could be used to re-create some of the scenes from Story of O in all their intensity.
Thank you Kiki; you are willing to share so much with us. It is appreciated.
Great model, authentic lovely from beginning to end.
This book is a classic and so is the way that Kiki is shown reacting to it. She is really into it.
RE: Classic
Could be taken further by using the ideas and scenes in the book as the starting point for themes in future sessions.
I liked the film but the voyeur effect was spoilt a bit when she smiled at the camera.
RE: Spoilt
IMHO it is sexier to know that the girl knows she is being watched and that gets her going more.
Any more
Kiki I like your style with your toys. Have you any more of them to show?