Kiki Balcon Français

March 20, 2012
18 Commentaires
Amoureuse des rêves

Kiki s'est réveillée en plein rêve. Elle veut à nouveau s'aimer en eux.

Elle connaît une façon sûre de le faire. Tranquillement elle laisse ses mains parcourir sa personne. Elles sont aussi douces que la couverture qui caresse son corps. Son rêve éveillé prend forme.

Des souvenirs savoureux d'antan refont surface. Elle presse ses seins. Ils lui remémorent tout ce qui donne vie à ses passions féminines. La brise chaude qui se glisse sur elle lui rappelle le toucher de son amoureux.

A présent elle peut être convaincue que ses rêves seront satisfaisants.

  • Durée d'exécution : 5:57 Minutes
  • Format :
    • Full HD 1080p (74 Mo)
    • HD 720p (53 Mo)
    • SD 480p (34 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

She is making me so horny! My dick is as hard as a rock. She is so pulchritundinous and sexy.
No words!
I love you, Kiki!
Everything erotic...
I continue to be amazed how Hegre (along with exquisite models like Kiki) can open my senses of sensuality in so many new and different avenues. This should be the first of many such films...something so special...hard, as always, to find the right adjectives...simply put, it makes me think the entire universe is erotic if we just take the time to immerse ourselves in it.
Kiki rocks. And I liked the beautiful piano music, it lended class to an already great video.
Sperm or cream
a wonderful girl. All is perfect. But one question. Is it sperm or cream on her body?
She really knows how to look into the camera:-)
Very beautiful film. Kiki has the most exquisite anus. Beautiful photography and appropriate pace and music.
Brilliant detail
Amazing film. I love the detail, the close up of her goose bumps and the sweetness of her private parts. Maybe you could linger on those risque shots for just a little longer. She has such a lovely rear..
RE: kiki
Kiki bukake was how it looked before she rubbed it in
wonder if my head's in the gutter, or am I the only one that gets nasty thoughts looking at that stuff sprinkled on her in the beginning?
I couldn't agree more with wheeler. That's a little too far an does not do justice to wonderful Kiki. The last 30s are awesome. More of that please, or maybe Kiki can be convinced for a massage.
Love it...
amazing Kiki on the amazing new iPad3...
Let’s have much more of Kiki playing with her breasts. They are perfect.
Re: Breasts
I agree with you Nathan but I would say let’s have much more of Kiki period. This movie is too short to do her justice
Room to let next door
very sensual body, love the long looks at her legs and torso, the glide over views of her body are incredible..makes me wish I could let the balcony next door...but I may be accused of peeking over, so many views and so much to view thank you Peter and Kiki for letting us see her body up close...
Right there
The way that Kiki looks straight at you, like at the beginning, is great. It makes it seem that I am right there with her. If only.
I kept thinking that it would have been good if Kiki had run the risk of being seen pleasuring herself by people in the street. Have you any plans for films that show the girls almost being caught at it?
What a beautiful scene. You are ravishing Kiki and seeing you so natural like this is heart- warming for me.