Julietta, Magdalena and Alex Extreme Photo Shoot

August 16, 2016
Seductive Sculptures

Turning the naked human body into a work of art.

When you see the finished nude photographs on Hegre.com, the creative process probably looks effortless. Get a beautiful naked girl, get a good camera and click, click, click. How hard can it be? But what you’re not seeing is all the work that goes into an ambitious shoot like this.

There’s the skill and experience of an award-winning photographer going into every shot. And there are also the physical demands we put our models through. In this short but sexy fly-on-the-wall film, you’ll see just how body wrenching and bone crunching those demands can be.

Of course, the results are simply spectacular…

  • Runtime: 5:18 Minutes
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Members' Comments

They are so sexy! I would love to meet them. He love He must have loved it when her hands were on his penis.
Nice video...but...who's the blonde?
It looks like she should be in front of the camera too.
Beautiful Girls
I just love these two. They are not only beautiful, but cute and talented.
Makes me laugh... Enjoy the "Behind the scene" footage. Doesn't have to always erotic. Good Stuff and keep it up.
Love this
Thank-you, more please!
Pretty hilarious!
Amazing how comfortable they are in their total nudity. Would like to see the twins squat down on Nick and Mike like they did in the dildo contest.
That moment when the twins collapse on each other made me cringe. Talk about spine-cracking. Short and fun, this was a nice look behind the scenes. Thanks.
Funny but not my cup of tea
I agree with John of Italy......It was cute and funny but nothing erotic about it. Your work is usually much better than this...I watched for a minute and then stopped it..
Pretty funny bat...
This short video is pretty funny, but not so erotic and it's too short (only five minures). This is the first time that I don't click like button on Juliette/Magdalene stuff, sorry ladies... Petter :) Petter, make it up to me :)
Seductive Sculptures
No one was injured in filming of this video, however there appears to have been a few bruised breasts, butts, mid-ribs and some oops, while making a fun works of art!;O))
How much fun
Nothing erotic or sexual but visually very nice - it was fun watching the set ups and the resulting poses. And of course I love anything the girls!
That is awesome. Very hard work. I´m impressed
I was worried for a minute, there! glad they got through all that in one piece! lol Thank you for letting us hear a bit of what you have to say to the models!