Julia The Full Production

February 21, 2017
It’s a lot harder than you think…

You might think it’s easy being a nude photographer. Girls strip off in front of you. You point your fancy pants camera at them. And then click, click, click. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

To achieve the stunning imagery that you enjoy on Hegre.com, it takes advanced lighting, composition and technical skill. Not to mention boundless energy (the entire production effort is mentally and physically draining, like running a marathon every day). This behind the scenes footage will give you an intimate and personal glimpse into the world of nude photography.

But is it possible to get bored shooting the naked human form? Fortunately not. After decades of work, we still get to enjoy the fruits of his passion.

  • Runtime: 10:50 Minutes
  • Format:
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Members' Comments

This is great! Thank you.
Behind the Scenes videos like this give us a sense for the effort that goes into these shoots. For me, this honors both Julia and Petter and makes them both more human. And as that happens the entire process and participants are more authentic and the experience and final production more intimate. Please keep producing these BTS videos. They are a valuable addition to the archive.
The video is obviously edited and condensed
What is the actual runtime of the session? Hour? Three? Five? It would give us the idea of the effort of each costume change and setting. Do the girls start out clothed and then get more relaxed, taking off more clothes?
ne devrait pas être là...
trop prude ,aucune position suggestive, elle ne veut rien montrer,de son sexe ou arriere,elle est trop genée, comparer aux autres modèles qui nous en mette plein la vue...
julia es absolutamente mezquina en la exhibición de su vagina, tan es asi que se la oculta hasta al propio Peter. No sólo la tapa con su Monte de Venús pelirojo, sino que jamás se abre de piernas, pulgar para abajo para ella...
I don't care what it's like to be the photographer. The lens between this creature and my I could be nothing but an obstacle. I just can't take my eyes of Julia. And ask myself: what may her scent be like. Her hair, her skin, her breasts and most of all her pussy. Julia is the perfect mixture of shyness, self confidence and joy. She knows exactly how beautiful she is and how much of that beauty she wants to share. Don't point your camera between my legs you filthy nude photographer! Now I know what I want.
flash but no close up a picture gallery and waist of video
The constant click , click ,click is all I saw totally detracting from the "video" shooting. The lack of any close up of her v all long shots seems as if we are trying to be impressed by the film technique v the girl. This site usually is about the girls or the couple not trying to impress us with how the girls are posed in the same way over and over ...hope for a step away from the common shoots ..like shooting a girl in a common Place ( office ) where she is naked but every one else is clothed, let the girl stand out have shoots so it is as the camera is looking like a voyeur at the girl or as he lover ...not a cold emotionless figure directed from pose to repeating pose ....
RE: flash but no close up a picture gallery and waist of video
I enjoyed radar's comments and agree. It appears that Julia is more modest than most. I'm glad Julia was able to pose. Petter might be restricted to getting her beauty captured without showing Julia's sexual movement as much as we'd like. Perhaps Petter lets the model be in the drivers seat more than we think.
amazing work
Behind the secne videos are great to watch. And oh gosh this little Ukrainian tiger is breath-taking. If she lets her wild side out, she'll be a POWERHOUSE! Thanks Petter for showing her the way!
Most Beautiful Ever!
I've said it before, will say it again - Julia is the most beautiful woman ever. Ever, Period.
workshop / documentary
Thanks. I love to watch behind the curtain, learn and get a glimpse of the mood. Since the real-life workshops are on hold (and i'm sad about this). Have you ever thought about doing a "Masterclass"-like video workshop and/or a full feature-length documentary/portraiture piece about you and your work? Feel free to hit me up, lots of ideas here. ;-)
RE: workshop / documentary
I like this idea!
Making of video
I actually enjoy the 'Behind The Scenes' videos. To each it's own, thanks Petter.
petter Hegre
This site you and others have created is so beautiful. Erotica as extreme art.... It boggles my mind sometimes, and your talent and creativity are accelerating as if you have discovered the zero point and anti-grav. Simultaneously, Sincerely, MM
Missing something
I liker her but im really missing some explicit photographs of her vagina. Just my 20 pennies
'making off' type video
Running out of ideas, and keep repeating the same style of ' making of' type video. Waste of a good model
Well Petter might not get bored but I was I don't think this is what most of us our paying our subscription for
RE: Boring
Ive been looking forward to a video with her since her introduction . Shes stunning! I hope to see much more of Julia.
lol yeah! REEEEEAL tough job Petter!