Julia vida en la playa

September 20, 2016
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Chica misteriosa

No podrás quitarle los ojos de encima…

Hay un momento mágico en la mañana, justo antes de que la gente ha salido de casa, cuando el mundo es hermosamente silencioso. Y el bullicio normal de la vida aun no se ha puesto en acción. Grabado en exterior en una playa pública, esta película captura ese momento.

Solo imagina que te has levantado pronto para salir a correr. Exhausto, te tiras en la playa para recuperar el aliento. Y de pronto no puedes creer lo que ves, cuando una chica misteriosa deambula por las olas. Está completamente desnuda.
Y tiene un cuerpo espectacular que no puedes dejar de mirar.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Gorgeous ass, reminds me of watching the teens go by on the beach at Cap 'd Agde.
what a beautuful girl!
Stunning Again!
Julia is simply incredible! Can't get enough of her. @JBL, instead of body shaming beautiful women willing to show you their naked bodies, learn to appreciate them EXACTLY how they are. We all have our tastes, but your tastes are just that - yours. When you tell a woman to have a "few square meals" it's the same as telling someone to skip a few meals. I'm certain that you yourself have not achieved physical perfection, nor will you ever. It's not possible because everyone has a different idea of what that is. Work on finding your own version of physical perfection and see how difficult that is - then imagine how hard it would be trying to live up to everyone else's version of what you should look like. Send these women nothing but love, or STFU.
Very nice! Now imagine how much better this would be if she had had a few square meals inside her, oh Mama!
Very beautyful and perfect Body!
what a wonderful walk by the sea and watching her nice body at least with a charming hairy triangle. Love watching the szene.
i like her vaginal bush
Julia beach life
Julia in motion. A dream comes true. ♥
the model is pretty but if i may some of your models to me are way to skinny
More ... encore
Fantastic if only it was a bit longer. Beautiful superb words don't do her justice
Julia ma Reine !
c'est la première fois que je vois Julia dans un film...et quelle qualité d'images !! la découvrir si belle, si sensuelle...j'adore ! Quelle est la musique du film ? Et Julia dans un massage, c'est pour bientôt ?
WOW!!! I could swear this film was made just for me! STUNNING!!! nice to finally see this lady in motion!