Jolie First Nude Photo Shoot

September 19, 2017
The first time is always the best…

Some erotic videos – the good ones - tell a story without using any words, and this film is a masterpiece of that genre. It relates the captivating tale of a young Ukrainian woman’s initiation into a wild and wonderful new world. And you get to be right up front for the whole thing.

It starts innocently enough – Jolie, our superstar, is nervously having a smoke on the balcony. Behind her the sun rises. To her right, the Motherland Monument of Kiev looms, like a herald of bravery and wonder. Our heroine is about to take the plunge into sharing her amazing naked body with the world. You can feel the thrilling energy.

What follows is a journey of epic proportions. Petter and Jolie get right into it, capturing her golden body in the shimmering light. Then it’s inside for some various sensual locations – mat, chair, bed – until finally Jolie ends up, legs sprawled, on the floor, fingering her flower into bliss as Petter crawls on the floor to capture every moment.

It’s a story all of us have lived – our first time. But now we get to relive it, as if it were with Jolie. How lucky are we?

  • Runtime: 8 Minutes
  • Format:
    • 4K Ultra HD 2160p (412 MB)
    • Full HD 1080p (212 MB)
    • HD 720p (88 MB)

Members' Comments

Yummy Jolie
Peter, can I be in a video with Jolie?
Amazing end!!
Smoking ... sigh. She should stop.
She is incredibly hot, though. I love that athletic body she has, and I also love that there are no tattoos. All to many women disfigure themselves with those, and they aren't easy to get rid of. A few tasteful ones are ok and sometimes even nice, but I love seeing a perfect body without them.
Wunderschöner Nackedei, mein Spatz ist ganz steif, würde sie so gern rektal besamen...
Smoking killed if for me, dirty smelly bad taste cigarettes. Spoilt was would be a perfect shoot.
I fast forward that smoking part. Yep dirty cancer smoke on the inside but very lovely on the outside. But thinking the smell and taste of cigarettes off putting all the way through instead of a imagining of the perfect clean woman could smell cigarette smoke
Geez-let's focus on the beautiful model
I'm not here to hear life lessons on healthy living, morality, etc. - appreciate the gorgeous model and fabulous pictures - I could care less if she smokes or not...
Incredibly satisfying!
Being an Asian man, such blonde haired pale skinned white women looks like godesses....It's incredibly satisfying masturbating and cumming to Jolie. Her body is incredible.
fear of heights
I'm normally not afraid of heights but the angle of the shot for some reason makes the scene feel more adrenaline rushed and even though the bars are above the camera's eye level and seeing her put her leg up their made me feel like I was falling. I think its cause she actually leans forward on the bars that makes me feel unstable. Wow.
Great body
Nice body and smile, love the different poses and views of her openings....
I, too, was put off to see that JOLIE smokes. That is so uncool. Hate to see her end up with emphysema or lung cancer.
Jolie (rose bud) Joy
Toward the end of the shoot it appears that Jolie is getting a little moist, and that is nice to see. She has a nice pussy and I have already said I would luv to tongue tickle her anal rose bud and put a lip lock on her labia. :-)
Cut ths smoking
Smoking hot girl - cut out the ciggies please.
The cigarette killed it for me.
wow ,,,
great shots to expect
Not good
I agree with the comments about smoking. Not a good thing to show. She is however stunning. Small perky breast just as I like them and a gorgeous pussy
Cigarettes? Yuck.
As a man of 53 years with lifelong asthma and borderline C.O.P.D. it makes me so sad to see a beautiful young person destroying themselves with tobacco. I hope Jolie reads this and other comments and stops that horrible habit. As for Peter, shame on you for photographing it as if its a cool thing to do.
RE: Cigarettes? Yuck.
Agree with Windy and Dave. Erotism is art and art is very erotic with Hegre-Art , but cig is not art, never: not in the past, not nowadays. I forgive Petter because the recent Ariel's movie counts for 3 weeks updates ;)
Jolie is cute, shoot disappointing
Jolie is cute. However, the second you started the shoot with her lighting up you lost me for this one. While you may feel you can shoot that and make it enticing or whatever; it just turned me off. The remainder was okay but....
She's a winner!
Sweet looking girl with a kick-ass body and she's not afraid to show it off. I would love to see her pussy and ass getting some tongue attention.
Hermosa vagina rosada,y se la ve muy apretadita cuándo se la abre con los dedos para mostrar su interior, el único defectito que le ver es que tiene un pequeño prolapso anal. Por el desparpajo que tiene Jolie me imagino que pronto tendrá sus sesión de masajes, y de desnudos en pareja. Muy buena incorporación, Ucrania es un semillero inagotable para el modelaje erótico y porno soft..
Very good new model!! Video is well done!! It would be great if there are more!
Wow!! looking forward to a lot more from Jolie..........