Jenna Sensual Slow Motion

September 26, 2017
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Sometimes you need to take it slow…

We’re all familiar with slow motion from watching sports, nature shows, and super hero movies. But few of us have seen it used to such incredible effect in an erotic context as it is here. From the second this film starts, you’re mesmerized by the dreamy flow of Jenna’s delicate body.

The action starts with our strawberry-haired sweetheart in a see-thru onesie, moving and posing at about half speed. Her hair blows in the wind, her garment swirls around her, and her spritely pink nipples bobble in half time. You cannot take your eyes off this other-worldly angel.

Soon, her movements become even more exciting, as she twirls, dances, and crawls about, her lingerie slipping off and her full nude splendour revealing itself to the lens. As the camera gets in closer, our pale darling is soon rolling on the floor, opening all her precious secrets, right up to the last shot, which (spoiler alert) gets as close to Jenna’s pulsing girlhood as you could ever desire.

And all of it in mind-blowing slow motion. You’ve never seen anything like this. Settle back, and let Jenna take you on a slow ride.

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See-thru, slo-mo and Jenna! what a lovely combo!
Beautiful and erotic! Well don Jenna!
Jenna is amazingly sensual! Great work on this vid!
Jenna Sensual Slow Motion
With every video and photo Jenna continues to take my breath away with her beauty and sensuality. This video showcases Jenna's beauty in the most sensual and erotic way simply breathtaking.
The most sensual film ever on this site. Your model is perfect and her attitude shows through. Brilliant! Let's see more from this stunning creature.
Marvellous !!!!!!!!!!!
Video art!
Excellent choice of model!!!! Nude art at its very best!!!
What is she wearing?
Great film, what is the brand of the piece she is wearing? Does anybody know?
Best video ever!
Simply perfect in every aspect.
I enjoyed this approach. I much prefer it to the epileptic fast flash. Such a beauty!
One of your best films yet. Thank you Petter, gorgeous!
great girl but really boring video. when r massage videos coming back?
you seem to be outvoted, sir!
Jenna is Sensual in Slow Motion
Your video captured her wonderful body in all it's beauty. Her connection to the viewer is captivating and her final close-up Keegal contractions put me over the top, another masterpiece Mr. H.
RE:Jenna is Sensual in Slow Motion
My thoughts, exactly. Her eyes staring into the camera beckoning me to come to her. Primo body, perfect in all respects.
Nice !
Very nice Peter. Jenna you're Kool. Loved the music too.
Said it in a word. She runs a very close second to Darina. :-)
Best use of music yet. Great choices. I loved the breathing pussy at the end. Very classy video all around.
Jenna Cámara lenta..
La belleza de Jenna,la tersura de su piel, su pelo, su preciosa concha, y tetas simétricas, son una prueba más de que Dios existe..
I Agee with everything Hawkeyes says!!!!! Would love to have more videos like this done of Hegre starlets such as Nicolette, Katia, Daniella, the twins, etc!!!!!! Great movie!!!!! Erotic, sensual and tastefully done!
Jenna is so gorgeous. It looked like she had very little makeup on if any at all. These slow motion videos are the best. I would like to see one of every model.
Jenna Sensual Slow Motion
Sensational girl. Outstanding photography. Where's Alex or Mike?
The finest film you have ever made, a perfect blend of music, lighting and movement. Jenna is a most sensual subject...mouth, eyes and perfect figure. Should be the opening credits for the next James Bond Movie!