I Love Paris

December 22, 2015
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Liberty. Equality. Fraternity.

Paris can take a punch. The city (or some form of settlement) has been around for thousands of years.

So as shocking as the recent events in Paris were, they will not stop the people of the city living on.

And the people of Paris know how to live. It’s a city filled with passion and ideas and love and freedom and artistic expression. It’s a city to fall in love with.

In our latest Nude City Guide, we celebrate Paris in the way we know best – naked. Watch as our sexy model shows the locals just what she’s got below her faux fur coat.

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I wish she didnt stop after this video
Amo Parigi
Bellissimo film, complimenti. Io però preferisco le ragazze in gruppo, magari in spiaggia, al mare, o sportive, tennis, pallavolo ecc. Tutti nude naturalmente.
Two beauties
Marisa is beautiful and Paris is PARiS!! This was much too short ! More Marisa and more of Paris would have very welcome results!
La Marianne !
Merci Peter pour cette splendide métaphore de La Marianne dans les rues de Paris, symbole de la République, de la Liberté de pensée, de la tolérance, de la force et de la beauté de la Vie face à l'obscurantisme et à la barbarie. Continuons à rire, à aimer et à faire l'amour !
Bike seat
I was really hoping you'd show that bike's seat after she got off.
Also a photoshoot
I would love to see a photoshoot of this video ! Also, I miss Marisa a lot, such a voluptuous and beautiful woman !
The film is nice, but even in a liberal society like France nudity in public is prohibited. You should respect those rules.
@ "Y"
Ain't nothin' "commonplace" about this woman!!!
My God, she's exquisite!
Such a great video. Very sexy and beautiful
París Bien Vale Marisa
"Toca al Eros Neutralizar al Tánatos" (Prof. Dr. Segismund Freud) ¡Gracias por La Belleza, Peter!
Merci pour Paris
Merci Peter pour ce témoignage de solidarité avec Paris et les français. Cette œuvre est absolument sublime et le mariage de la tour Eiffel et de Marisa prouve encore une fois tout votre talent
Paris est une belle ville, c'est un francais qui vous le dit. Avec Marissa, elle est plus belle encore. Mais attention il y fait froid en cette saison. Paris is a beautiful town, it's a french guy who say it. Wilth Marissa, Paris is most beautiful. Bot carrefully, it's cold now. Merci à Petter et Marissa.
Beautiful City Beautiful Lady
Now couldn't you just imagine walking around the city with her arms interlocking each other catching glimpses of that lovely body of hers teasing the city, and knowing that she was there with you. Oh what a fantasy and she is truly a beauty
Taumhaft schön
Marisa , you're so fantastically beautiful and fits perfectly in the city of love :-)
I love Paris et Marisa !
Bravo Petter pour ce film avec Marisa... et ses photos sont sublimes ! J'adore Hegre.com !
j 'aime bien Paris et les belles femmes mais là ce n'est pas assez hot, moi même j'ai fait des photos de modèles à Montmartre , au Sacré Coeur beaucoup plus "hot ".
Jeremy Fox
J'aime Paris et les belles femmes ! bravo pour ce shooting !
Stunning and gutsy images.
i love paris
marisa sei una grande passera da leccarti tutta. viva l'italia viva la francia ed anche petter h
Thank you Mr. Hegre. Using your art to do more in a creative way to send a strong message about freedom is something precious. It's a very good film. I like the style and appreciate the effort you put it. And i applaud the beautiful model, such a brave girl. One thing, i wish you would pay as much attention to filmmaking-gear as you do it with your stills cameras. ;) I expect the highest quality cinematic shots from you, because everything else is already class-leading.
Paris and Marisa
Paris is a beautiful city. Marisa is an extremely beautiful woman !! They complement each other !! Beautiful film !!
Nice mix of the sites
Paris and Marisa
Thank you to do homage to all of us. Marisa is the perfect model in such circumstances, as Paris where I am born, she is gorgeous. Thank you again to both of you.
Stunning woman in a stunning city. Beautiful movie!
you really are getting into this fetish thing, aren't you, Petter? I wonder if this lady was as nervous about it as Anna S was, a while back! anywho... ME LIKEY!!! :P Thank you, Petter, and Marisa! (very smart, mentioning "faux" fur, btw!)