Helena Karel Sexercicios

May 8, 2007
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¡A mover ese cuerpo!

¡La impresionante Helena Karel regresa con un nuevo film que te hará palpitar al ritmo de una locomotora!

Helena sabe cómo mantener su magnífico cuerpo en forma, y en esta película podrás verla marcando figura. Prepárate para quedar hipnotizado cuando la veas perfeccionar su ágil y poderoso cuerpo. No podrás dejar de mirarla mientras la cámara recorre lentamente su piel suave y bronceada. ¡Esta hábil seductora te obligará a que pidas más!

¡Sensual como siempre, Helena Karel y sus ejercicios eróticos te dejarán literalmente sin aliento!

  • Duración: 4:30 Minutos
  • Formato:
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Comentarios de los Miembros

Wow, a 7 year old video. She has the naughty girl look. I bet her breast were fine before having them done. Not sure why so many women do that. I really don't know any men that prefer it except for a couple guys that only want huge 50-FFF type stuff. Maybe it's just because I'm an ass man. Helena is a sexy little hard body. Time to go watch her other videos. Very nice Helena, Thank You
Helena's body is an absolute work of art. You can tell she has worked hard to make her body look good. Kudos to her for her hard work and for wanting to show off the results of her hard work. It is validation for her that she is asked to show her body nude. Beautiful!
ok,the debate about her boobs rages on,they are not real so get over it,the rest of her is pretty fantastic,and i for one will always enjoy seeing her.
She is a beautiful woman. I do not mind the boob job. Everybody has them where I live but the tattoo is ugly and out of style.