Heidi sábanas rojas

March 4, 2014
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Obra de arte erótica

No hay trucos, simplemente perfección.

Esta alabanza al cuerpo femenino en cámara lenta y alta definición es una de las obras más finas de nuestro maestro cineasta, Petter Hegre. Nuestro multi-premiado fotógrafo en su máximo esplendor. Prepárate para una genuina obra de arte.

Acercamientos increíbles y hermosas tomas barridas al rededor del cuerpo casi perfecto de Heidi hacen de esta una película indispensable.

Simplemente mira cuando sus dedos se deslizan por su ingle, regresando a su boca - ¡Provocándote!

  • Duración: 9 Minutos
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Comentarios de los Miembros

Masterpiece, el cuerpo y la piel de esta criatura celestial prueba que Dios existe...
Those eyes.....
request to Peter Hegré
Through your camera young Heidy presents us amazing pictures of a youngish female.Thanks God, there was no place in your film for spreading poses and even the fingering was light.May you keep that line ,dear PH ,with this young pure looking Heidy. Unless she wishes, as many of young models, to become a pornstar...
Heidi in Red
She looks like a Pre-Raphaelite model. Perhaps I should have taken up painting or photography, rather than poetry, in oder to be able to spend more time admiring the beauty of the naked female form!.
Red Sheets
sensual , sensational. Hot and yet respectful of Heidi. Best I have seen. Nice work to all involved.
Heidi in Red
This is simply a beautiful film involving a very feminine nude model. A joy to watch with an endearing sound track to match. It more accurately could have been titled "Heidi in Red" with the gorgeous red hair on top of her head cascading down over her enticing breasts, to her pinkish red nipples and the light red body hair evidenced by Hegre.com's typical fine image techniques. I like the more erotic massage videos and films on this site but this is pleasing in a very natural way without the explicitness, too.
Amazing , sexy ... and super relaxing .
Just lovely
Beautiful really.
dream sequence
Congrats for another masterpiece. This is just like a dream sequence. Beautifully shot and tasteful, nice and slow, with a good balance between showing everything but not too much. Extremely hot. A perfect tease, that makes me want more. I really like the cuts from close-ups of Heidi's magical eyes and lovely face to her perfect body. Heidi is a goddess. Good camera and focus-work too. Overall, great.
I must say, that was the best thing I've seen on here in quite some time! as you say, "no gimmicks, just perfection!!!" Thank you Heidi (and, all these ladies), for making a hellish life just a bit more heavenly! much love to you!