Grace Red Light Sexual Therapy

August 14, 2018
A world of pure pink pleasure awaits you…

The color red does something to the brain. It stimulates, entices, and speaks to incredible possibilities on the horizon. It simply operates on us at the level of the birds and the bees.

So when the camera starts up and you see a gynaecological examination chair showered in a warm red light, your deep instincts go into overdrive. Something amazing is about to happen, a voice in your head tells you. And it is correct.

Because here comes Grace, naked and eager for love. Positioning herself in the chair, she begins the journey of bliss. Over and under, in and out, she moves herself higher and higher. Therapy for both her and us, for we go freely with her. Into a world of pure pleasure.

  • Runtime: 38:12 Minutes
  • Format:
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Members' Comments

Grace Flatulenta?
Me pareció escuchar escuchar una flatulencia de Grace en el minuto 35 y 33 segundos,¿O, fue la mesa de examen ginecológico que se movió?
Beautiful facial expressions when pleasure reaches its climax...
Get a better studio light...
...and expose to the right border of the histogram, especially in the red channel. Nice experiment, but boring.
Not mine
Always good to explore new things. Normally I like red light at home. But in this case this special red light caused more distance so that I could not connect to the model as is usually the case.
What a beautiful, wonderfully erotic video! It was fantastic watching her gradually build up her level of arousal over the course of it. The other thing that happened with me is the camera kept going back to her face (of course!) and I was thinking was wonderfully kissable lips she has. Wonderful woman and a wonderful video. Bravo!
Oh my
Grace is delightful - femininity at its finest