Flora tortura temblorosa

August 20, 2013
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Temblor de cuerpo entero

¿Has visto antes que le pase esto a una mujer?

Antes de empezar a filmar, no sabíamos exactamente que esperar. Y tampoco lo sabía Flora. La luz brillante y música delicada no daban pistas sobre lo que vendría. Confía en nosotros cuando te decimos que querrás mirar esto una y otra vez.

En cierto punto, la normalmente calma y relajada Flora pierde el control por completo y solo consigue recuperar la compostura para susurrar: "me encanta".

Lo que estás a punto de observar es pura mágica erótica - pura liberación sexual.


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Comentarios de los Miembros

Those abs!!! Wow! Lovedseeing her trembling and shaking. Really sexy!
Straight Shot
Great video! Enhanced by the fact that - for the most part- the camera doesn't move around a lot. One gets to watch Flora straight-on, no cut-a-ways to close-ups, then back to long shots. Just a steady view of her varied and wonderful expressions and movements. Love it!
Nope. But then again being forced to sit up against that...
thats the whole point. Don't stop. :) and make sure you get this thru before you start so when she does, she's told you to ignore her ;) But I see this chair and I think well James Bond seemed to enjoy getting his balls scratched so why not shove a hitachi thru for the female spies :)
Flora, such a body
Watching this a little after the fact but Flora has one incredible body. She must work out to keep looking to fit and keep those incredible abs. And asking God for help was falling on deaf ears.
Flora Trembling Torture
I hope with all the trembling she ultimately had more than one orgasm. She deserved it. Beautifully done. Amazing figure of a woman.
Trembling Flora
My head's ready to explode......So movingly, explicitly, tremblingly, extremely hot!!!
I want one of those chairs for my wand!
Outstanding! Love to see a woman work her pussy onto or against something . Very sexy!
Im just looking at that beautiful abs and that beautiful puss. Lovely
Algunas palabras para explicarme
Con tu calor me contagias... Ha sido extremadamente bello.
I can't believe what that film just did to my body. I'm amazed. Powerful. Gorgeous. Intimate. Erotic like I've never seen. I can't believe what my body just felt like and did just from watching.
Very nice, extremely erotic
Flora trembling torture.
A breathtaking piece of film. A stunningly beautiful woman. Her incredible body .. that lovely long neck, those fabulous breasts and her lovely toned stomach .. arms behind her and her legs wide open showing us her stunning pussy rubbing up against the wand! The standard by which all others are judged.
A toi de souffrir sublime flora
She's so cute. This is my fave vid so far!
These videos are great! But wouldn't it be nice to see a girl riding a sybian? She would sit in the same position but I think it could be more intensive...
RE: Idea:
I agree. It would be interesting to see a shoot, (in the Film section), where (say) a nude Flora and/or one or more other adventurous models sit astride a Sybian vibrator. The aim would be to see how long she/they could stay astride and how many consecutive orgasms she/they could experience. If more than one model is involved she/they could operate the controls so that the one then on the Sybian could concentrate on the experience itself. Since this powerful machine is rather noisy, it could be placed on a cushioned base -- mattress or bed -- to minimise the sound of the machine.
a matter of vocabulary
1/ thank you for this highly exciting set. 2/Just because all that is "for fun"I can't approve of the use of the word "torture" I hope that none of us would like to see a model beeing tortured .Except for BDSM lovers.
I would like to see other models given the "chair"
powerful erotica
What a superb video which was real and extremely erotic. Flora is a rampantly sexual woman and not afraid to show her feelings. Only complaint is that why didn't we get any close ups of her tortured pussy before, during, and after her ordeal as that would have been superb to see her wet and aroused pussy. Flora you are such a beautiful and sexual woman, I love your submissions . Someone is a lucky person who gets to enjoy sex with you, I only wish it was me!!!!!!.
pussy twitch
just watching floras tight pussy twitching and her deepthroated gasps as she shuddered thru her multi orgasm sent me over the edge and i fair flooded my girl. this site has done wonders for our sex life and now we are scouting eastern europe ourselves in search of another flora to join us...
So yummy!!
I bet Mike can make her scream like that!!!!
Loved it !
Absolutely amazing :) , what a great erotic moment this one . Specially with Flora and her amazing body ... well done PETTER !!! More please :) !
Love Flora
Absolutely stunning.....beautiful body and very pretty....
Wow, that was so erotic. Flora is amazing and to see her muscles and tendons twitch in utter delight was mesmerizing. I wish I could have had the sound turned up but I didn't want to wake my wife. The chair did not seem comfortable; too high and Flora didn't quite know what to do with her feet. Maybe that was the torture part but it seemed distracting to her, and me.
Flora - Trembling Torture
'Torture' wasn't the right description; it should have been 'Pleasure'. Flora certainly seemed to enjoy the experience. It would be interesting to watch Flora - or another of your brave girls - tied tightly to a Sybian for 10 minutes and see the number of orgasms she experiences.
RE: Flora - Trembling Torture
You could tie me to the chair for as long as you wish I think it is fantastic
my wife would love that chair!! where can i order one of them??