Flora séance photo à Berlin

January 9, 2018
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Suivez votre nana de rêve dans sa séance de nu...

Nous avons tous eu cette expérience. Une femme passe devant vous dans la rue, et vous savez immédiatement que c'est un mannequin. Elle est grande, mince et fière. Elle porte un long manteau et sans doute très peu de dessous. Et même si elle n'a pas de maquillage et que ses cheveux sont classiques, elle est sacrément belle et a la classe.

C'est le coup de foudre, mais ça passe facilement. Dans cette vidéo, l'amour prend place mais ne passe pas. Au contraire, le fantasme persiste, et vous pouvez la suivre dans sa séance photos, qui se déshabille, se maquille, se coiffe puis se met à l'oeuvre. Ouah, quelle pro.

Suivez Flora qui vous embarque dans son univers. Regarder cette déesse élégante faire une séance de nu fera battre votre coeur à vive allure et virevolter votre tête. Totalement sexy, et elle en est consciente. Et vous adorez ça.

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Commentaires des Membres

Flora is not "skinny"
I hate to see her compared to the typical model because she doesn't look emaciated like many of them do. She looks healthy and fit.
Flora is just amazing. What a woman!!
Raw confidence in motion. Looks good on you.
Flora photoshoot in Berlin
Waaoow. Flora is really wonderful and very naughty. Wonderful.
So Beautiful
Would love to see Flora and Ariel make love to each other....
Discription better than
Flora not sure she appreciate being called a "skinny model" If I saw that coat and her in legging it would be athletic and a ballerina wit those calves and thighs and tight upper body. I had no top under the jacket and it lower closed showing some cleavage breast ... why the make up , hair drying , jeans , shorts,n table , chair then floor and jeans again was clearly a photo shoot that some one else took a movie no focus ..had the movie not had the shorts , makeup, and jeans and just had her un dress and do the table and chair
Heavy breathing
I found myself positively panting watching Flora in this video. Absolutely majestic.
Back in Berlin
Hey! Welcome home! You habe been missed.
WAUW. More beautiful then ever.
You know what?
In my hometown I live in the Flora Street. Not kiddin'
As I consider myself an ass man, I particularly enjoyed the anal/ass pics toward the end. She as a superior pussy and I really like the was her anus puckers. Both orifices make me hungry. :-) PS Maybe she could smile more. :-)
that butt
her body and face so beauty, that ass is fantastic
Inefable Flora
Me despierta una sonrisa verla a Flora maquillar su hermoso rostro,y emprolijar su magnifica cabellera, dado que luego durante el film, sólo miraremos sus hermosas tetas, culo y vagina..
Thank you Flora
You made my day but left me with only a hardache
She is awesome. Top class.
Nicest Girl ever
I would like to see a Tantra Movie again with Flora! She is the best!
Very good video, could have been more!!
That Shaving Job was perfect, normally prickly bush shots, no not this one. p.s. no more Tats please don't graffiti such a perfect canvas
More more more
Flora is gorgeous as always, let us see more of her. When we will see her together with Mike oder Alex in a boy/girl movie again? Great atmosphere here :-)
Friggen Awesome shoot, So real
To see her walk the streets, then get ready like this was a treat. Love this layout, makes her out as being more special and a real lady. Favourite for some time. Thanks for sharing
Loved it
Great film, Flora is so sexy. Did anyone else feel the urge to spank Flora at around the 9:50 mark?
Love Flora more than ever. The makeup job...not so much.
Alright! That was lovely! Flora is always lovely! I was waiting for her to kiss the camera when she was putting the lipstick on! lol
Somebody's been playin rough! what's the bruise from, Flora?
Always a pleasure
Have you realized we missed you?

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