Flora Gym Plage nudiste

October 16, 2012
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Commencez la journée façon Flora. Laissez-la vous montrer comme elle se lève tôt.

Elle tient à être en forme et à rester ainsi. Quel meilleur moyen pour le corps qu'une baignade stimulante ? Suivez-la dans les profondeurs alors qu'elle pique une tête. Lorsqu'elle est bien échauffée il est temps pour elle de pratiquer ses positions. Elle aime bien toutes les essayer. Elles pourraient s'avérer utile bientôt. Lorsque ce sera le cas, elle sera pleine d'aisance et fin prête.

Peu importe comme elle se place, la pose est toujours parfaite.

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Commentaires des Membres

I am confounded I missed this wonderful film and there so many people on the beach totally ignoring such a beautiful person so open inside and out! Thank you Petter and Flora.
I watched this video with such a plesure! Thanks, Flora! You are an extremely exciting and sexy and sooooo beautiful girl! I would give so much only to meet you once, believe me! Best wishes!
What a stunningly beautiful film. What a superb model Flora is as she is extraordinarily attractive, lithe, totally at ease and superbly erotic in this movie. She is fast approaching Yanna as my most favorite model and she appears to enjoy her work as much as I enjoy watching it. She is a dream girl and deliciously sensuous and erotic. More please!!!!
too thin?
Yes, she's quite thin, but Flora has all the right pieces in all the right places. Perfect breasts, beautiful butt, and just enough jiggle. And she has a fun-loving personality, too. Who could ask for more?
RE: too thin?
Not at all. Great body! Actually, if her breasts were a tad bigger, she'd be perfect!
RE: RE: too thin?
No! Even her breasts are perfect. Adorable girl! And what a face!
RE: Paradygma
I second that. There is nothing more erotic than nude women doing exercises
cold water- nice girl, but -sorry- too skinny
If anybody is thinking seriously about naked girls working out videos, and I say with ripped models as Flora (ashuda ashuda, -para comerte a besos, flaca- ), expert advice on fitness, and good photography, then I'm in. Seems to me like good business. By the way, a group of naked girls doing yoga... that's already done by the boss here. Well done actually. I'd love to see more yoga, pilates, bodybuilding... whatever with nude models and PH habilities.
Revealing positions
Yoga has lots of scope for revealing positions. How about a class for several models?
Flora beach Workout
It was probably a bit early in the day and relatively cool. Anyway, most nudists would tend to keep well away from film cameras; they don't want to risk appearing on Youtube or whatever.
Why are there so many people passing by? I think they are an intrusion and they break the spell.
Re: Intrusion
I do not think that is true. It creates a great situation when you have this beautiful nude girl put right in the middle of an everyday setting.
RE: Intrusion
I agree with Tim. I want to see Flora; if I want to see an overweight naked man, I just have to look in the mirror when I get out of the shower.
very motivating!
and until the last 3 minutes, it looked like flora was gonna be the only nude one on this nude beach! :( nice to hear voice, btw!
Flora Beach Workout
Body beautiful, superbly filmed.
Cutest ass
Flora has the cutest ass I have seen in a long time. I hope we are going to see a lot more of it real soon.
Great personality
Flora you are doing brilliantly. You have a great personality and it comes across strong in everything you do.