Erica Fille Noël

December 15, 2009
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Tout ce que je veux pour Noël... vous donne un cadeau de Noël unique cette semaine – il s’agit d’Erica, notre nouvelle mannequin, qui fait ses débuts dans un film !

Erica est la cerise sur la gateau du réveillon de Noël et elle est d’humeur joyeuse dans son accoutrement de Noël sexy. Et elle n’a bien entendu pas oublié d’enfiler ses chaussettes de Noël sexy !

La caméra glisse sur les courbes du corps ravissant et ferme d’Erica ; vous ne pourrez que passer de bonnes fêtes en sa compagnie.

Que pourriez-vous trouver de mieux dans vos chaussettes de Noël ?! Venez vous réjouir avec Erica, notre toute nouvelle mannequin !

  • Durée d'exécution : 7:36 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

It has been some time since we have had a Christmas themed video or photo shoot. How about giving us some this year?
Erica's first
Wow, what a wonderful beginning for Erica. I definitely want more! Sooo beautiful!
A stunning girl. I wish I could have seen more of her.
Sugar-plum Fairy
The festive season beckons with the hint of mouthwatering fare, luscious red wine, fine cognac, the darkest chocolate and strong espresso. And the indulgent pleasures of the youngest fresh flesh. Her sensuous full lips hint at decadent delights that inflame the heart and I am hopelessly smitten by her innocent sensuality.
Erica looks so cute in her santa suite. Hope to see alot more of her and thanks again. Paul Mcg
Part of me agrees with Branko Brankovic. Women in Santa caps have never been my thing. However I won't let that detract at all from Erica's amazing film debut. I think I've pinpointed what I most like about her. We throw around the label "unattainable" here a lot and deservedly so because the Hegre women paradigm is just magical. But I offer that what makes Erica special is that she is attainable, or at least that's her persona. That bubbly smile and acknowledgment of being silly -- all for her lucky audience. Thank you!
Could you please stop these christmas styled photo series and films? They're not sexy, they're not funny, they're just boring and ridiculous
very sexy young woman
I am in Love
Blackbirds sit sleekly plump / In firethorn / Blood-red berries poised in gold beaks / Webs shiver / Delicate strands beaded with tiny droplets / Gulls pierce shrilly the misty air / In fleet pursuit of any morsel scrap. Laurie
Yes!! She is smokin hot!!!!!!