EricaF Playa Nudista

April 3, 2012
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Ninfa marina

No es una mujer cualquiera. Su belleza es como de cuento de hadas.

El entorno es idílico. Una cueva en la piedra, en una playa, la arropa. Ella sigue a su impulso de estar completamente desnuda bajo el sol. Entonces se siente más atrevida. ¿Porqué esconder su belleza? Deja que todo el mundo la disfrute. Se acerca a la orilla, corre y salpica. Se deleita en su naturaleza femenina. El agua fresca y el cálido sol la estimulan.

Su cuerpo es parte del esplendor de la escena. Ella la ilumina.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Liked this, thank you for not having a 7 hour pussy macro.
nice video of a nudist beach,
Nice video of a nudist beach, there should be more videos like this one and more nudist beaches around the world..
Amazing Video, Love your work Petter.. just one question, where do these beaches exist? only nude beach we haave in South Africa, just has old fat gay men looking to score.... not a beautiful women like Erica in sight... :(
RE: why
that was great, we dont have girls like that at our beach.only old fat ones. Boy was she good, thank you.chuck
Another beautiful lady on the beach, shows very well how beauty and sexiness come naturally !
not enough:(
Beautiful girl, she could do with some food though.
Hegre find the door to outside
wonderful Petter Hegre has find the door to outside... no softboxes outside ... natural lights...wonderful
It's just amazing how natural beauty shines through. If this video had been of lots of other girls, I probably would have turned it off halfway through as being too 'plain'. However, Erica's beautiful butt just leads you on in awe and excitement..
RE: Amazing..
Such a cute behind. It would be such a delight to dine out on that. Yum.
Mmmm... this beach has met the most beautiful women in the world. Too bad if I anyone gets there will only find tons of men. Nice video. I have lots of fun watching naked girls walking by the sea shore, life's good then. And Erica's body looks so fit... nice smile too. I really appreciate all this recent beach stuff, pics and vids.
Needs action
Not a bad movie but Erika needs to give us a bit more action than she does here.
Re: Needs action
I do not see why she needs to give more action as you say. What more do you want besides a pretty woman in the nude? What more decoration do you need?
Trim ass
I’m glad to see that Erika’s ass is as trim and pert as ever.
I like to see films which show how a beautiful woman can be so attractive when she is just herself. She does not need anything artificial just natural.
RE: Natural
agreed! thanks for another nice "just hanging around" video! (and, only one old, fat, naked guy!LOL)
Thank you.
You are so beautiful Erika. I want to thank you for the pleasure you give me when I look at you