En Enticing

March 24, 2015
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Raw and unpolished

Erotica you’ll never forget.

This movie takes you on a journey; from one of the sexiest moments we’ve ever shown you, to one of the most personal. A blend of live-action and still photography, every single second is a treat for your senses.

Look out for the scene when she’s riding atop the car, it’s seriously sexy and unforgettable erotica.

And later, when she’s blindfolded in bed alone, nothing is more intimate.

  • 時間: 10:12分
  • 形式:
    • フル HD 1080p (127 MB)
    • HD 720p (90 MB)
    • SD 480p (59 MB)


Este corto es realmente una obra de arte, hats off para Peter y su modelo. Ella transpira sexo y calentura, no tiene un cuerpo perfecto pero trasmite lo que los fans de la página queremos ver, entrega y pasión en el trabajo que se nos ofrece. Voy a buscar más videos de esta modelo super caliente.-
Gives a whole new meaning to "getting a little head." ;) Sorry, couldn't resist.
Want her back!
En is one of the hottest models on hegre.com ever. She is pure sex. It's sad that we don't get new pics and videos of En.
My first one
The first one; the one you never forget; the one that made you lose your mind; the one that made you buy her flowers; the one that had you singing in the rain... yes that one, the one you will not erase... Thank you En
Thanks so much for this blast from the past. En is without doubt my favourite model since I found you in 2004, and this is wonderful reminder why. Is there any more stashed away in Hegre HQ?
Very nice shoot and nicely erotic, loved the scene on the hood, the lucky skeleton head....would have liked to see her there a bit longer of course but as your intro said I waited and watched for it...and wasn't let down..made me almost cum without touching and that's always fun...