Emily extreme Beherrschung

July 30, 2013
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Dunkle Schatten, intensiver Genuss

Die Ecken des Raumes werden vom Schatten verschluckt. Nur ein einziger Spot beleuchtet einen stählernen Stuhl. Arme und Beine sind mit Ledermanschetten gefesselt, Emily geht mal gerade nirgendwo mehr hin! Ihr langes Haar fällt über ihre schönen Kurven weißer Unschuld. Und dann fängt es an.

Wie die Vibrationen ihren Körper hinaufwandern, muss sie sich extrem beherrschen. Die Intensivität wächst. Ihre Zehen krümmen sich vor gestauter Erregung und ihr Körper beginnt zu zittern. Sie schaut in Ihre Augen. Sie weiß, daß Sie sie beobachten.

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A masterpiece
A most exiting erotic film. Please do it with other models, maybe in front of a small audience !
Emily u are the best
Emily is the most beautiful of all the models
VERY VERY stimulating, first class film, good to see her enjoy it.
So sexy
Emily is just gorgeous. It's a really good, simple idea. The moment when the wand is turned on (2:30) is unique and believable - those suddenly wide open ice-blue eyes! I also love 11:30 when Emily says, I sink I've had fur orgasms.
Please more of this with other Models
Wow! Unbelievably erotic to me.
This is one of the greatest clips. And I also want to see a part two of this.
Again! More!
You probably won't see this but please make a part two with Emily! I love BDSM and this film was great! This time restrain her a little more, I don't know if the shackles broke but keep her bound! Maybe challenge her to sit there for 30 minutes and keep a timer behind her for the viewers. I'd pay separate for a part two!
Emily is my all time favorite-perfect. . . This was a nice piece. Thank you for making this!
Petter, You're the master of erotica...the Hugh Hefner of our age. Keep up the wonderful work. Emily, you're absolutely stunning. I can assure you, Hollywood is holding it breath for you to come to America and captivate us with your talent. Thank you to both...
Why is BDSM a bad thing? Perhaps we can see a video of her getting a serious spanking!
Sweet Emily ?
This is a very attractive film.I enjoyed watching it.Emily radiant. After the event I fear that young and clean Emily is caught in the system and has been driven on the verge of BDSM. Hope I am wrong.
1 inch to perfetion...
Emili has best brests ever seen. Perfect shape, great reaction... I wish I could hold them...kiss the nipples, feel them in my lips... perfect.
wow .... dont know if i have words to describe this video !!! Emily what a silhouette , those nipples going harder along the movie its something very teasing indeed. All the experience from watching this moving was super INTENSE . Thanks for a great video ... :-) PS : i was hoping to see emily more " wet " , i'm the only one ?
Flawless Emily
Great video! I'm starting to like Emily more and more. She performs in a very natural and erotic way. The flat, harsh lighting is not very flattering, but in this video it only helps to bring out the flawlessness of her incredible body! And those breasts... oh my god...
This girl is so beautiful i cannot easily put it into words. I hope she does a massage video or ten i would love to see that beautiful body rubbed down
fantastic ... very intense indeed ... seeing her nipple hardened shows she's having a great time
Emily - Extreme Restraints
Although some of the restraints broke, Emily continued to play the game and certainly seemed to enjoy the experience. I admire the courage of Emily and other models who are happy to try some of the more extreme sexual activities. Would she -- or another of your more adventurous models -- agree to be restrained astride a Sybian on full power for 15 minutes?. That would be a real challenge of will-power and courage with multiple orgasms guaranteed.
Stunningly Beautiful Emily
This video is breathtaking! My heart was racing from the moment Emily took a seat. Her perfect breasts swelled amazingly each time she approached orgasm! She is surely one of the most beautiful women on Earth! Thank you also for the added bonus of her sensual voice at the end. She is wonderful!
well, that was different! nice little commentary at the end, too! lovely voice emily has! :)