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Lza Dressed in Tattoos

April 25, 2004
Painted Lady

Lza stands against a pale background.

Her body strewn with colorful symbols and alchemical motifs, shimmering like some sun goddess against the blue sky. Striking various poses, she displays her deep and playful spirit.

If you like your girls full of a weird, sexy energy, this film will fill your heart with fire.

  • Runtime: 2:55 Minutes
  • Format:
    • SD 480p (13 MB)
    • SD 360p (7.4 MB)
    • SD 240p (4.5 MB)

Members' Comments

wouldn't marry her
but I bet she's lots of fun. Probably insatiable.
I agre with GRAPEDORP, the tatoos distract from the original beauty of a once very lovely girl
NOT at ALL erotic
This model has been reduced in attraction and beauty by the tatoos or bodypaint. They distract and remove attention from her form.
i just "love" Lza...cute sweet face, perfect improve body...she's simply the world better mixed woman between sensuality, beauty and extrem minded... "Le joli garçon de Rennes" pour la petite Fille aux étoiles... ;-)
It's a shame to spoil a body so beautiful. This girl can never be completely bare. I hope not to see many like her around here
Tattoo's add a flair to the woman's body. Lza's tattoo's make her stand out among the rest of the models. She Is drop-dead gorgeous. Lza I'm glad to see that you want to make yourself different from other models.
Hello you has very nice tattooes and very painful such a thing I have never seen this is also really well stung clarifies coloured so should look tattoo I dear coloured tattoos yours find poor I best of all
You have to love it, because it is something different.