Dominika C Bajo el Sol Español

January 5, 2010
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¡Está de regreso! En una nueva y caliente película... es Dominika C, lista para volverte a hacer sentir un poco acalorado de pies a cabeza.

Mientras se toma un tiempo libre y se relaja bajo los rayos del sol, está claro que su mente se llena de pensamientos sexys. ¡No pasará mucho tiempo antes de que Dominika tenga la necesidad de expresar esos pensamientos!

Así que relájate y disfruta también tú, mientras las manos de Dominika comiencen a pasearse por todo su hermoso cuerpo, sus duros pezones y su húmeda vagina...

Tan caliente que podría considerarse un riesgo para la salud... ¡disfruta con Dominika!

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Comentarios de los Miembros

DOMINIKA is the tops!! She is amazing.
The most Magnificent, Beautiful, Awe Inspiring, Glorious, Amazing, Sensual, Mind Boggling, Fascinating, Awesome, Perfect Yoni on the planet? Absolutely!!! Thank You Dominika! Your are a gift from Heaven, a Blessing from the Goddess. Thank you Petter for fulfilling your purpose!
Dominika under the Spanish Sun
Dominika, you make so INCREDIBLY HORNY!!!! What perfect body you have., but also your smile and laughter are soooo beautiful to admire and appreciate. If you're ever in Northern California , I'd love to meet you and be your guide. Mike
Lippen sind zum Küssen da
Meine Traumfrau hier. Wahnsinns Figur, wahnsinns Ausstrahlung und wahnsinns Schamlippen. Ich liebe diese großen Schamlippen. Wenn sie so wegklappen und sich öffnen. Ist klasse und erregend anzusehen. Da geht mit mir die Phantasie durch. Weiter so. Mehr solche erotischen Filme von ihr.
The part where she's on her front and her bikini bottom comes off, revealing her bronze buttocks, anus and rapidly swelling pussy is masterfully shot. She then naughtily turns around to do her 'yoga' pose whilst giving us a full view of her engorged pussy. Nicely posed and shot.
i would love to marry you please you turn me on your body is so hot mmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooo
Dominika C Under The Spanish Sun
Fabulous film. The bit where she is laying on her front and touching herself up whilst she still has her bikini bottom on is totally superb. You can't see exactly what she's doing but you know what she's getting up to. Don't think I've seen a scene quite like that shot in that way before.
I'm waiting for Domenika to license her pussy to Fleshlight so that we can buy a version of that sex toy with the huge, moist labia.
Oh, that tender bud peeping out from under the clit's hood.....
la più bella creatura al mondo e tutta fantastica dal viso al corpo ai meravigliosi piedi una vagina sublime beato chi puo permettersi di baciarla tutta dalla testa alle dita dei piedi
Hi Petter. I think this has to be your hottest film ever ever. Keep up the good work.
Bet Tiger Wouldn't Mind Hitting Those Links
I'll spare you my shooting over par or correcting my slice schtick. First of all, excellent choice on that adorably cute bikini. Then to see Dom go from playful to frisky faster that it takes a mistress to sell her story to a tabloid merits a 10.0. And I'm surprised the Renfe didn't derail. Oh baby, oil!
she's obviously fantasising about that random golfer nailing an Eagle on a par 5.
Wonderful just wonderful, Dominika is such a joy to have around. Please, much more of her. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg
dominika c
simply awesome,one amazing woman.
Pure Porn
Fucking wicked and I love her ~ Dominika Vanglinalicious has no serious rivals, her exquisite nipples vulva and anus are the most beautifully erogenous delights ever on one girl. She is simply sensational.