Dominika C Fauteuil bulle

March 30, 2010
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Buller joyeusement

La ravissante Dominika C fait son retour cette semaine dans un film super chaud pour

Vous allez être totalement hypnotisé en voyant la belle Dominika se lover et prendre son pied dans le célèbre fauteuil bulle de la Maison Hegre !

Vous succomberez au charme corporel de cette douce demoiselle aux seins exquis et au minou alléchant ! Dominika est une experte en amour et en plaisir charnel, vous êtes bien conscient que vous ne pourrez être qu'à ses pieds...

Naturellement sexy, avec Dominika C vous serez à bout de souffle !

  • Durée d'exécution : 3:39 Minutes
  • Format :
    • Full HD 1080p (45 Mo)
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    • SD 480p (21 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

Dominika is the reason I am a member of this fine site.
Heavenly Mesmerizing
Dominika is the only woman I've ever seen or known that looks completely comfortable naked. She is not only secure but happy in her own skin. As amazing as her skin is, including the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen, her smile is more inviting and disarming than I ever thought possible. She exudes freedom, happiness and pure joy for life itself and that reminds me of my time in Italy. The only thing better than heaven would be to have the privilege to join her in that bubble. Beyond heaven would that be.
3 minutes?
What a tease! That was awesome, but waaaaaayyyy too short! Give me more, and make it soon!
Put Me On Team Bubble Chair
I for one totally love it every single time the trusty Lucite hanging orb makes an appearance. It just looks like so much fun for ANYONE let only a hot Hegre heroine. Dominika fits that bill quite nicely, her smile says it all. Appropriate music selection too.
You need to stop hiding those extended videos of this lady. I didn't want this video to end, Petter. Please, we need more of her, show us the extended cut!
Dominika is such a cutttie pie. She looks so hot in this video. I think one of your best, very nice, thanks. Paul Mcg
The bubble never appealed, but Dominika has added a double dimension never wildly imagined. Her luscious lips tease in a spectacular stage-show. Raptuously mesmerizing I'm in a tizz and wish to spin in an ecstatic ride to the stars. Scintillating.
you really love that bubble chair. Don't you Petter? there IS something about it that is intriguing!a lovely lady sure helps!