Darina L Séance Photo Nu

April 18, 2017
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Le rêve des voyeurs

Jusqu'à quel point pouvez-vous vous rapprocher de Darina?

Lorsque Petter prend un modèle en photo, quelque chose d'impressionnant a lieu. Leurs corps bougent ne faisant qu'un, leur esprit créatif fusionne. Et alors qu'ils sont tous les deux en quête de perfection, une relation prend naissance. Une relation de pure création érotique.

C'est un monde privé, rarement vu par autrui dans le monde extérieur. Voici donc une chance unique d'y assister. Ce film vous donne une place privilégiée pour assister à la magie. L'énergie entre eux deux est surnaturelle. Enjouée, passionnée, spontanée. C'est l'intimité de l'art réel.

Venez contempler ce monde idyllique de Petter et Darina. Leur souffle vous laissera sans voix.

  • Durée d'exécution : 11:16 Minutes
  • Format :
    • 4K Ultra HD 2160p (580 Mo)
    • Full HD 1080p (298 Mo)
    • HD 720p (124 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

Great pussy and exceptional body but, I 07once again, does she fuck?
so what's that flashy thing on her face
I wonder what is making the strange striped flashy thing when the photographer is focusing....the photographer in me wants to know.
RE: so what's that flashy thing on her face
@vindog, That is Phase One XF's focus assist lamp. It can be set at various intensities to help prevent the AutoFocusing system from unnecessarily fetching (trouble 'locking on') when trying to focus in low light and/or low contrast subjects.
Petter - YOU are an AMAZING MAGICIAN! How do you do it???!!!
Darina, your beauty will last forever!!! Thank you for sharing it with your fans!
Anyone know the song?
one of the best models - ever.
Darina will always be in the Top 5 ever on Hegre.
Darina is perfection on two feet !! I wish I knew her !!!
What a wonderful young woman... my goodness... and I love her voice...
The best
She along with Ariel are the best by far!!! I hope you can get her back into the studio with the 4K and do a massage. Never seen her pussy open up but I guess that's the way she wants it. Any way to get a G/G with Ariel. I know Ariel would do her but not sure if Darina would...just a good thought of those two nude rubbing and eating eachother! Wow!
Thrilled, Excited, and extremely Happy...
Something led me to renew my 6 month membership last week, which I had planned not to do after going for so long without seeing this erotic Goddess. I am now giving loads of thanks for not following my plan after seeing Darina's return, which I immediately added to her already huge folder. She is THE ultimate everything. Please continue bringing her back, as she easily takes the beautiful and erotic desires to a higher dimension with no limit in sight. Nice going, Petter.... super nice job, Darina L.
Oh. My. Lord.
Darina is the best. The shots of her reaching back and grabbing those heels make my mouth water involuntarily! Perfect tan, perfect legs, perfect breasts and an attitude to match. Wow! If she is still modeling, Peter needs to book her for new shoots.
Darina in nothing but heels...as it should be!
I disagree. She should be in nothing at all.
my dreamgirl
I love how she looks, moves, her aura... Darina is just perfect from my point of view :-). Really great! I hope there will be more films and photos with Darina