Darina L ungestüm

September 30, 2014
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Nackter Engel

Ein kurzer Blick in den Himmel!

Dieser Film ist speziell. Er ist einfach. Pur. Wunderschön. Er wird für immer in Ihrem Gedächtnis bleiben. Dies ist unsere einzigartige Vision des Himmels und sie wird sie wild machen. Darina bewegt sich so anmutig wie ein nackter Engel.

Was kann man über solch einen Körper wie diesen sagen? Wörter scheinen plötzlich unangebracht. Das einzige, was man machen sollte ist ihn ganz zu erfahren.

Machen Sie sich gefasst auf Ihr Geschenk der Götter der Erotica.

  • Spielzeit: 10:24 Minuten
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Mouth Water and Rock Hard
Absolutely gorgeous lady with the most wonderful body, especially her pussy and ass. Would love to lick and/or fuck both orifices just as she offers them. Makes my mouth water and my cock rock hard.:-)
I lust for you!
I get your message...you are correct...you are exactly what I want...what I need...what I desire...what I lust for...its you and only you...I am in a trance of overwhelming sexual climax...just envisioning us together! What an awesome film of your sexual power!!!
Very seductive, great model, very sensual.
Darina L Dashing
IN German Words Darina bietet einen perfekten hoch erotischen Tanz an!!! Ihr erotisch-erregender Körper ist heiss!!
The sexiest model on the site. What a beautiful body. Get her together with Alex.
Darling Darina
hard to go wrong with a gorgeous model like darina. her movements are seductive and sensuous, and once again the filming is sooo predictable. oh well, pleasant view!
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Beautiful and trained
Ukrainian women are very beautiful and Darina is no exception. She is very beautiful and she has a fantastic trained body.
This is what hegre.com is all about. Darina L is easily the best model on the site right now. If only all the other models were as comfortable with their bodies and sexuality as she is!
DARINA L treats the viewer to an ancient dance in which she, in thrall to Ecstacy, moves or rather slithers with serpentine grace. It is in these moments, that her fully nude body takes on the majesty and power of a sleek, oiled cobra. (Indeed, one could imagine the delight of the wizard snake charmer, Priya who, upon letting loose the largest serpent in her basket, uttered a hypnotic incantation at it and with a clapping of the hands, the serpent with florescent copper scales squirmed and flashed its forked tongue --- all the while quickly assuming the form of a slim, sleek, seductive blonde woman with steely and teasing eyes. Thus emerged DARINA L, naked angel, to delight and charm the world.)
Darina L
Sensual and sexy. Beautiful body. Magnificent movement. Simply super.