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September 6, 2016
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La voie du nu

Comment immortaliser une femme nue.

Les photographes amateurs qui cherchent à améliorer leurs compétences savent que c'est une bonne idée de regarder travailler les professionnels. Dans cette séance photos intime de Hegre.com, vous apprendrez quelques trucs très utiles. Bien qu'il ne s'agisse pas d'une leçon technique, vous découvrirez comment réussir une séance de nu et la façon cruciale d'y arriver : la relation entre le photographe et le mannequin.

Regardez comment Petter dirige Daniela de manière experte. Il lui parle, il utilise son expérience pour l'aider à trouver la bonne pose, tout en gardant élevé le niveau d'énergie. Si le photographe est silencieux, le mannequin devient comme celui d'une vitrine, au lieu d'être un humain vivant.

Si vous vous y prenez mal on le notera sur les images. Si vous vous y prenez bien elles seront pleines de vie et électriques.

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Commentaires des Membres

This site is amazing, very classy and shows completely different side of sexuality than what most of us know and it is great. I'm thinking if there were more videos/photoshoots with male models it would definitely make the site even more enjoyable for me and other women. I would love to see a man in different roles, like you have here for women - disco style, gym style..., delicate side and rigid side of a woman is shown, and then the same for men would be just awesome. like I have just watched one of your videos when a man was said to be a gladiator, it is so great to imagine that, then some other roles / sides of male nature / different poses, dance in nude etc That would be much appreciated. Regards, love the site, thanks a lot :)
Perfect !!
Daniella is one of my favorite models. Sweet, sexy, beautiful smile and perfect body, with a playful personality and a strong sense of self. Such a gorgeous young lady !! Great work ... a joy to watch !!
Je vais commencer !!!!
Wow, j'adore. C'est décidé je vais me mettre à photographier les jolies femmes nues. :-)
Another vote to keep going with these! (but, you already knew that)
I agree, very boring
continue this theme
like these "behind the photos films"- the dynamic between the photographer and the model...more insight into the image construction and the personalities behind the images....great idea! thanks
Models, not mannequins
Interesting video, and Daniela relates well to Petter's direction. However, it's ironic because one of my few complaints about Petter's photography over the years is that his models can at times seem lifeless or asleep. There are perhaps no nude sites as technically flawless as this one, and I love almost all of the models. But I encourage Petter to do even more to help his models express their personalities such as Daniela has done.
I liked that a great deal
Love these photoshoot videos!! The lovely Daniella seems to becoming more and more comfortable with showing all of her beauty!! It would be great to see more videos of her!!!!
Two boring videos in a row. Get back to the messages or couples (any combo of people), please!!!
RE: Yawn
You name it! And please no same same massage vids, bring something new, please!
RE: Yawn
Agreed. We only get one video a week. These are fine and all, but maybe as a little bonus or something.
RE: Yawn
Agree. Photoshoot are ok but there use to be more diversity with the films and even photos. Now it's one young nymph after another and the settings are all the same.