Clarice Behind the Scenes

July 11, 2017
Come live Petter’s life for a while…

One of the glories of the Internet is that it’s increased our ability to virtually go places it’s hard to go in real life. Behind the scenes at a Hegre shoot, for instance. If you’re curious what it would be like to be in Petter’s shoes as he shoots a sexy naked model, this is your chance.

Using a Go Pro Cam on his head, as well as several room cameras, this film literally thrusts you into the action of a shoot. In a bright and beautiful high-rise apartment, Clarice and Petter are deep in action. See her dribble off her clothes, move from bath to bed to chair, take on erotic positions…

This is more than a backstage pass to a photo shoot. It’s living in the shoes of the beast as he works intimately with his beauty. Here, in short, is your chance to get a direct feel for the erotic energy in the room when Petter and his model work their magic. Thanks, Internet.

  • Runtime: 8 Minutes
  • Format:
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Members' Comments

Simply Exquisite
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever".......
I don't watch the films with the constant photo flash. That's my preference. un-erotic
Clarice BTS
Wow what a doll, and such a sweet voice! I hope you treated her to that bath after all that hard work! Would be interested to know the location.
Its beautiful, can anyone tell me Whats The name of The first Song ?
You have excellent taste in decor. I'm have to buy a great schooling to design my living quarters.
...has a lovely bum, no?
Very enjoyable. Clarice is superb.
Slow Down!
Fortunately I'm not an epileptic - please can we dial back the frenzied editing and enjoy a stunning girl more fully?
RE: Slow Down!
Totally agree with other comments. Slow the video down and focus on the woman so we can see her sexual beauty.
RE: Slow Down!
Agree! Too many cuts in this one.
Motion sickness!
I get what you were trying to do. but it was hard to watch
Divina, etérea, su vagina rosada es casi virginal, apenas hollada por la lascivia del hombre. Felicitaciones a ella, y por supuesto a Peter por arrancar toda la belleza de esta vestal del sexo (vaya la paradoja)
Beautiful lady and wonderful shots thank you for showing us your perfect body and beautiful face
God, she's incredibly beautiful and for me, she has perfect breasts
This is the most ridiculous movie I've ever seen! When I saw that this week's movie was to feature Clarice, I was excited - what a beauty... But the herky-jerky editing was such a disappointment! The editor never once stayed on one scene longer for 2 sec before off we went to the next. I'm not a 18-year-old gamer who can kill 4,000 Orcs in a blink of an eye - I like things slow and easy on the eye. I'm sorry, but this type of editing does absolutely nothing for me! And I was sooooo looking forward to a beautiful movie of Clarice - what a let down!!
"Come live Petter's life for a while"! I'll hang on to that dream! thank you for another BTS peek! Clarice is magnificent!