Belle Nude Photography

December 12, 2017
So petite, yet so powerful…

Belle is what you’d describe as a small girl, but she packs a huge punch. With perfect clear blue eyes, the body of a gymnast, and an amazing ability to tease the camera, she will steal your heart away.

Here you get to see what might be described as the perfect day at work – Petter and Belle creating legendary erotica. Our princess starts out in a sexy little leotard, letting her hair be provocatively blown about like some romantic heroine, but soon she’s completely naked. And that’s when things get real.

To say Petter’s camera goes in close on her privates is an understatement. Imagine being right there in her secret garden, so close you can smell it. So close you could stick your tongue out and lick her stamp. So close you can see every pucker and pore.

Yes, you get that close. To this girl. What more do you need to know?

  • Runtime: 10:34 Minutes
  • Format:
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Members' Comments

Belle in motion
Can't wait longer...please come with a new movie....Belle you are so fill my dreams every night.....
Suggestion for something new
I had a dream of Belle mounting a double sybian.....her pussy and rear hole will appreciate for sure.....hope.....
Great movie
Waiting for the next...a massage movie....lots of oïl, pussy and ass deeply massaged
More movies
Belle is a 10+ Please more movies
Stunning! amazing sex kitten. One of your best models, if not the best so far...
cute flower
Belle has the most beautiful, well-shaped, flawless asshole. Thankfully, the video focused on this marvelous part of her body, which was a pure joyful experience. Truly lickable... Thanks for this treasured video.
Damn this girls hair is sexy! Beautiful face and eyes as well.
Appropriately named indeed. Do these ladies have no shame (chuckle, chuckle) lol Luv the p and a close ups. Is Belle showing a secretion of luv juices in some shots? Definitely tongue-de-li-icious (yum, yum). :-) Gr8 shots Petter.
Great film
She is beautiful and her wetness adds to the excitement for me, as I always say it is very nice to see the girls different bodies and how they look in everyday, thankk you and hope to see her again
Belle est très belle...
et l'excitation est bien visible, son sexe est mouillé et prêt.
Beautiful model, nice film even though it jumped around a lot!!! A little too much coffee, perhaps???
Most Wowing!
Seems that there is lots of attention on Belle's ass and pussy .......... for good reason! She is amazing, sensual and an incredible tease. Let the fantasies begin!
Really nice to see... she gets wet between her legs from presenting her naked body openly to Petter -- and to us....
Belle's pussy is very much ready to go here! Great anus close ups, delicious sights indeed.
As far as I'm concerned she has the perfect body. Very very sexy. Beautiful eyes.
This lady's name fits her very well, indeed!
Turned on!
Judging by the wetness of her pussy another beautiful girl who clearly got turned on being photographed naked and aware that her most intimate parts were subject to very close examination.