Las calcetas de masaje de Anna S

November 29, 2011
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Atracción sexual, en calcetas

Hoy Anna solo piensa en los dedos de sus manos y pies. Sus manos están por todas partes.

No te preocupes. Ella sabe exactamente lo que está haciendo. Es lo que mejor sabe hacer. Ella está generando placer. La primera persona afortunada en recibirlo es Anna. Todo comienza con un cosquilleo en sus lindos pies. Son sugerencias muy útiles sobre donde debe masajear para obtener el resultado deseado. Pero Anna sabe todo sobre eso de cualquier manera.

El tratamiento que necesita es apretar sus pechos y recorrer sus húmedos dedos entre sus piernas.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

It would have more accurately been titled "Pussy Macros". Such a beautiful woman with a gorgeous body and life, hopes and dreams and instead we get 75% pussy closeups. What a wasted opportunity with of a foxy girl.
but what a delicious pussy
Good video.
My note to model and 5. very beautiful and she deserved a 10 More because she has that much harm meche shows her body she already otherwise; too bad that! Could focus more on the private parts and the video not be jumping from sena, oh yes would note 1000
Simple but very beautiful and erotic !
Hot Anna
This is the best video on the website I've seen, we definitely need more Anna videos like this one, she is unbelievably beautiful. She looks sexier than ever in this one, maybe it's less eyeliner/makeup, she looks so great. The video is fun, creative, super sexy, and you get some great close up shots of her sweet spots, although never enough. Let's get her back for more, pay her whatever she wants!
What will take to get more and more of Anna. I am serious here ..Not joking..Please ..Pleas...Pleas..Plea...Ple..Pl.P....
Sometimes a model has one film that makes all of her other ones surplus to requirements: Vika Gets Oiled, Evi Slippery, Thea Visiting Maitresse Cindy. Some beautiful models never quite work in video. Others rarely make a bad film, making it impossible to pick just one: Yanna, Dominika C, Valerie. Anna S is, for me, the most beautiful woman on this site, and she's always been in the latter category. This film almost changes that. There are too many amazing shots in too many of her other films (e.g. walking out of the sea in Anna S Naturist, one particular pussy shot in Anna Sensual Massage) for them ever all to be overridden by one film. But this film is amazing. And while most of that is obviously thanks to Anna, it can't just be due to her because she's in those other films too - and this film's amazing. So thanks for whatever it is that this film has and the others don't. Is there any chance that the films will be made available in the higher resolution used in the massages? And if you're ever going back to Maitresse Cindy's, could you take Anna S with you?
Anna is simply the most beautiful woman in the entire realm of erotica. Her beauty is classic, flawless, incomparable. Her every gesture is a symphony. She is a goddess, and I worship her.
Vulnerable beauty...
Anna is the best no doubt..What She have is vulnerable beauty.. I would like to see clothed Anna video.. Please if you can...
Wow, that was simply incredible. Great editing. Really got my heart pumping.
Anna S Socks video
My Compliments on both the quality of editing and the use of music. In this video and a recent one of a lovely young woman on a nude beach, the artist has managed to transport the viewer to a space that is not merely erotic. Unique in special ways. I believe this form of art may never gain the acceptance of less sexually engrained work but it explores areas that need exploring. In the close ups of Anna as she looks at the camera the dynamic of the model, photographer and ultimately the viewer are clearly confronted. Anna becomes sexually aroused by her proximity to the artist and also by her power over the viewer.
must say I was pleasantly surprised!thought it was gonna be super corny!
How about
You must start a new site dedicated to Anna only. Your recent negligence of the queen of all artistic nude websites is hardly bearable! How is her career developing anyway? I take it you haven't shot her in at least two years, have you? All the other stuff of her that I can find on the web seems to be even older. So what is she doing right now? Is she acting? Modelling? I'm afraid, she has found the ONE who's perfect for her but doesn't like her posing nude. Has she?
RE: How about
I think that would be up to anna!lol
Good value
Anna is always good value. It’s good to meet up with her again and renew my acquaintance.
Anna’s fingernails are such a turn-on. The way she has them coloured and how she runs them over her pussy are out of this world.
There are wonderful close ups here of Anna’s pussy and ass. No complaints from me about that. But why not stay with them longer? Often I have to pause the play when I would rather the camera stayed exactly where it was instead of moving away so quick. So how about lingering for a longer time where it really matters?
I enjoyed this one. It was good fun with cheerful music, Anna enjoying herself (me too) and nothing too serious about it all.
Dream partner
Anna is the partner I dream about finding for myself. When I see her like this alone on her bed and longing for company I imagine her being on our bed in our room and waiting for me to hold her. I’d like to think it will be soon.
the most beautiful girl in the world, please give us more of Anna S!