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Amandine y Tiziana Afectuosas

October 23, 2007
17 comentarios
Con cariño y amistad

Hay ocasiones en que lo único que desea una mujer es el tacto afectuoso de otra mujer. Y en este nuevo film, que te dejará con la boca abierta, ¡podrás presenciar uno de esos momentos como si fueras la mosca en la pared!

Sorpréndete cuando veas a Amandine y Tiziana explorándose sus curvas suaves y femeninas. Con sus besos suaves, sus mordisqueos juguetones y sus caricias íntimas, Amandine teje su magia sensual. ¡Sabe perfectamente cómo satisfacer los deseos de Tiziana!

Bellas, sensuales y altamente eróticas, querrás que este film nunca se acabe.

  • Duración: 5:42 Minutos
  • Formato:
    • HD 720p (50 MB)
    • SD 480p (33 MB)
    • SD 360p (18 MB)

Comentarios de los Miembros

What affection?
Such artificial posing is far from affectionate, sorry.
Lovely, but too short, both were on the right slope, a wonderful slippery one
great beginning, but where's the rest...surely you didn't stop at that point
Looks too staged and acted
As sexy as the girls are, their actions seem a bit to posed and coreographed.
this is the best video, there is nothing more sensual than two girls kissing using their tongues
A beautifully done film. I wish there were more shots of their pussies. I really enjoyed the brief shots of both of their asses.
Petter, Wonderful just wonderful. Thank you Magoo4
Amandine & Tiziana
A very erotic little film. But how about a film featuring Amandine and Mirta. These two very naughty girls would be sensational. Please.
A lovinng friendship
It misses in the film the scene that I hold the strongest and the most important: pube against pube, pussy against pussy, clitoris against clitoris, that they rub between them, one against the other up to come to a mutual masturbation
Sweet hearts pair.
Thank you for such a sweet pair of girls ,one light, one dark, perfect contrast of two different kinds of beauty . The nipples on Tiziana make my hunger for watching the video insatiable.
nice asses
Amandine is a goddess, and she deserves much more than just three videos in her profile. Her co-star was nice, just not at her (Amandine's)level.
My Favorite Models Together
I don't know, seems like Tiziana was not comfortable - maybe still not up to action in the front of a camera. Beautiful models, glorious women - but the chemistry didn't seem to be there.
I don't know about Amandine there, but Tiziana clearly wanted more. You can clearly see it in her eyes and the way she looks at Amandine. She was holding herself back from wanting to do much more. Yum.
very very hot.
Amandine and Tiziana
Hot stuff. More like this please!
Great Film
Two beautiful women pleasuring each other. Great lighting, I almost felt like I was there. It would be nice if they could be just a bit more interactive with each other.