Alisa Gesegnete Schönheit

January 23, 2018
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Einige Mädchen sind einfach gesegnet von Geburt an...

Wir alle kennen die Magie, die passiert, wenn man raus in die Natur geht . Die Japaner haben sogar ein Wort dafür - Shinrin Yoku - das bedeutet wörtlich: "Im Wald baden". Sie fühlen sich verjüngt, lebendiger und alle Ihre Sinne sind wie elektrisiert.

Nun stellen Sie sich mal vor Sie bekämen solche Reaktionen vom Anschauen eines Erotikvideos, das die schönste junge Frau zeigt, die Sie jemals gesehen haben. Ihr Name ist Alisa und sie ist Ihr makelloser Erotikengel. Ausgestattet mit dem perfektesten, natürlichen Körper, den Sie jemals gesehen haben, ist sie ein Wald, in dem sie definitiv drin baden möchten..

Wie schon Shakespeare zu sagen pflegte: "Einige werden groß geboren, einige erlangen Größe und einigen wird sie hinterhergeworfen." Alisa gehört definitiv zur ersten Gruppe und Sie können bis heute immer noch genau sehen warum. Sie wird einfach nur besser und besser, weil Sie die totale Perfektion ist. Schauen Sie sich dieses Video an und lassen Sie sich von Alisas natürlichen Wundern entführen.

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Alisa is beautiful but
I do not like the permanent changes of the view. As soon as I enjoy a view of the wonderful Alisa there are changes. That distract me from good feelings. Ok, no changes may be a bit boring, but for me less is more. I would be pleased to see her enjoying a massage without far less changes of the view.
Everything was just fantastic
This lady has the talent and it was great to see she was enjoying her display. I could and will watch this over and over on my 4K screen as many times as my body can take. I now know why I have eyes, its to see this beauty and her skills.
Love Juice
Around the 8 minute mark I would have loved to be able to sneak up behind her and introduce her to a slip-a-dick-tomy. Also, did I notice a secretion of love juice which made me lick my lips imagining a tasted of her gorgeous pussy.
Alisa haunts
Alisa has invaded me totally. I even dream about this perfect woman.
Really hot and nice tits can you get her to the massage room please
cool you tried something new
I like the laugh of the girl, the selfconfidence of her, she moves so nice, you cought her so well. You show this woman as a beauty, centered and grounded with herself. Majestic
Wow! Perfect Really beautiful
Soundtrack / Music
Could it be possible to know the songs (artists and titles) playing in that video please?
with that beautiful body , be massage eroticly and massage another beauty like u, please...
I really liked the interlocking nookie shots and the smiling face & breast shots - clever and apealing!
WOW! Please mor for VR-Glasses.
Alisa is a beauty, no doubt about that. Truly gorgeous in every way. Love that she gets creamy during the session. If I can be a little critical of the video, the constant hair blowing around I found annoying. Was it meant to be sexy?
Great boobs and
Most of the film was her cut off at mid waist up in sl mo fan blowing her hair. no full body shots a few pussy very Very quick. focus was 100 % on her very ample erect breast. Rare for the site that Peter shows large breasted girls but on the other hand is that all we all want? Pretty face , big full boobs. Cant say anything beyond that as never really had any shots. Boob lovers rejoice .... your perfect model is here
I love this format. Keep'em coming
Alisa!! Just like snowflakes ,the first time ,just fallen in love with the sheer softness and sexy
A Goddess has visited
Alisa is as close to feminine perfection as I have seen. Every square cm is proof. It is hard to find words to describe the happiness she has given me.
when is the massage video?
Thank you
I'm so in love with this woman.
To supplement Shakespeare
To supplement Shakespeare: SOME HAVE GREAT PENIS THRUST UPON THEM. Give us some examples, please!
Wow, such a great video with closeups of Alisa's beautiful face and gorgeous breast. She was already a favorite of mine, she is even more after this video. Hope we will get still shots of the (bodysuit) session we see in this video because it looks gorgeous. Please, bring more and more of Alisa, she is gorgeous, lovely, natural, with a wonderful smile, the perfect model !
nice girl! please a massage video.
Absolutely beautiful ... in all aspects. She is the most gorgeous model on Hegre and we sure want to see more of her.
Alisa belleza bendecida
Hermosas tetas naturales, apretado orificio anal bien depilado, y una hermosa concha húmeda, la cual nos exhibe con generosidad en todo su magnifico esplendor de su juventud..
Petter Hegre
Why we dont see anymore sex explicit?
Alisa is absolutely stunning - no two ways about it. I know Helen of Troy was said to have a smile that could launch a thousand ships. Alisa's smile could make planets collide. I love the way her playfulness turned sultry as she slipped the straps off her shoulders. A lot of Petter's models seem cold in front of the camera. Alisa is the polar opposite. She lights up the camera. More more more please and methinks she was getting a little wet there.
Alisa BB
Terrific shoot, beautiful lady!
Beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. (This site has a tendency to go for the apathetic/heroin-addict fashion faces sometimes.) And those breasts...
I also recommend that she would get a truly erotic massage, and perhaps she could also massage a girl or a guy. It was wonderful to see a glimpse inside her wet pussy at around 7:00 minutes, just perfect!
What to say that hasn't been said? Alisa is exquisite!
Wonderful girl
Alisa has not only a great body, she has also a wonderful smile. Maybe to many close ups... I like to see the whole body, especially when the girl is stripping. An erotic massage with Alisa would be great !
Massage video
Please make a massage video with her, she is so beautiful and sexy
BETR: Massage video
I agree
A new addition to the heaven of my goddesses. A beautiful face, a well-formed figure and a perfect above-ground pussy ...