Le quotidien de la Top model Victoria R

September 23, 2014
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Super Sexy

24 Heures au Paradis.

Elle se réveille, étire son corps nu. Ses yeux s'ouvrent, elle vous voit. Elle sourit. Car pour le reste de la journée ce n'est que vous et Victoria.

Vous partagerez ses instants les plus intimes dans la salle de bains. Traînerez avec elle pendant qu'elle prend un bain de soleil nue et joue au tennis torse nu. Elle va vous faire vivre les moments les plus jouissifs de votre vie.

Lorsque vous aurez commencé ce fantasme, vous ne voudrez plus retourner dans la réalité.

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Commentaires des Membres

Just wondering
Who got the chance to spend the night with beauty: the director or the photograhp? On both? Hmmmmmm....
Magnificent specimen!! - Owns the camera. ~
Victoria R.
Great model would be better if she was unshaven
She is great model, with a nice ass, she would look better if she was unshaven just a little bit of bush.. Bush is Beautiful..
RE: Great model would be better if she was unshaven
I must agree. Victoria is absolutely stunning, but like so many models, would be all the more irresistible with the mystery of pubic hair. The way of nature.
Victoria R
Please victoria r grow a beaver and wear black thigh hi-stockings with black shoes - my wish xx
beautiful! and, so nice to hear your sweet angel voice, milady! (what does that tattoo say? it's driving me crazy! lol)
Did Jean Luc Godard direct this film? So many jump shots I thought I was watching "Breathless." Of course Victoria makes me breathless in another way!
Victoria R never fails to impress me.
My oh my! I cannot get enough of Victoria and I can never get enough of her Ass! She has that special curve to her lower back that sticks her butt way out there! Komet, you are right, the last moments are the best! Please keep showing more of Victoria!
A Boring Day in the Life
Until the last three minutes of this film, it was just a sequence of non sensual show-offy routines - not much to stir the juices. We know the dullness of everyday life. A woman brushing her teeth doesn't provoke my romantic side. The final minutes though, provided some reward. Victoria's moves were tense and charged. The music added to the intensity. The heat rose, lust surged, passion swelled. That's the fantasy, that's what we're looking for, the perfect woman, perfectly sexy, perfectly unattainable.
Massage with happy end
A very beautiful girl from Brasil. She already got a Brazilian beauty massage, but when she gets a real sensual massage with a very long happy end?
VICTORIA R REIGNS SUPREME IN THIS VIDEO. I especially love the scenes in the latter part of the video in which she divests herself of all her clothing and boldly strides across the hotel corridor. One look in VICTORIA R's eyes will tell the viewer that she is fully in control --- and loves it.