Victoria R Eros dans l'Aquarium

April 1, 2014
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Créature marine sexy

strong>Elle n'a jamais été autant mouillée.

Tout comme la sirène mythique, Victoria R est séductrice et mystérieuse. Et l'eau est son élément naturel. Alors qu'elle grimpe dans le réservoir son corps déjà super sexy le devient encore plus.

Dans ce film hautement érotique vous pourrez voir une mannequin à l'oeuvre. Vous devez le voir aussi pour les passages au ralenti. Ils vous feront baver comme un bébé de six mois.

Et vous pouvez être sûr d'une chose, Victoria R n'a pas besoin de lancer l'hameçon pour obtenir des compliments.

  • Durée d'exécution : 5:46 Minutes
  • Format :
    • Full HD 1080p (72 Mo)
    • HD 720p (51 Mo)
    • SD 480p (33 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

Very nice
Great work and concept.
Nude, Carefree, Unchoreographed, and Delightful!
What a delightful film and what a step forward from Victoria's previous work! Although she is stunningly gorgeous and we are always fortunate that she lets us see her nude, Victoria's previous shoots have been a bit static and a bit too much closed-leg standing nude. In this film, she is allowed to break free in a most delightful way. There is something erotic about awkwardness or unrehearsed-ness when girls pose nude. It gives a sense of carefree naturalness, which is after all what nudity is. Smiling carefree and nude, Victoria tries to fit into a obviously too small tank. The awkwardness brings spontaneity and smiles which are erotic, but also forces her to shift position so she at long last breaks out of the standard nude poses we have seen up to now. The result is not only much better looks at her stunning full pouty labia and lovely tight anus, but she is smiling and laughing during the shoot! Bravo Victoria! I would welcome other members comments in response!
Victoria R - Aquarium Shoot
Sorry, but I must disagree. Beautiful young women , however not near as "sensual" as the majority of Peter's works.
The music did it for me. always nice to know : MUSIC BY .........??????
Beautiful use of the small tank to accent her body. Great concept of 'keep it simple". Awesome model and the behind scenes banter makes it even more sexy. Thanks to both.
small tank is good
wait guys, because it's a small tank we can see Victoria's hot tight body which fits perfectly to the small tank, pressing it against the glass and appreciate it from different angles. Simple background and nice acid music, the trademark of videos I appreciate so much. Nice to hear her voice too , talking in French with the photographer.
Amazing .... super sexy Victoria R ... for me one the best models lately ... So sexy seeing her moving in the water . Sexyyyy moves !
This is a new favorite film of mine! A truly excellent BTS which capture the essence of the shoot - great music. Thanks for letting us hear her talk. I wonder if she's a dual citizen Brazilian - French? Anyway I definitely fell in love with Victoria and Jon with this film. AWESOME!
Victoria Week
About time we got Victoria R week
Thats a very lovely look behind the scenes. Just a bit short. Victoria is great and gorgeous. It's nice to see how much she enjoys it. The setup is creative and inspiring. I agree, taking this into a bigger tank would be even cooler. Oh and yes, i drooled over the slow-mos, nothing can beat a naked girl and some water in that area. ;) But guys, you really need to step up your film-recording. 1080p in 2014? Come on! You have to shoot 6k, you know what i'm talking about. You and your models deserve only the best, like you have it for your outstanding stills-work. Again, great to watch this type of stuff. Thanks. Maybe consider doing more BTS-stuff and add a extra section for that?
This got me thinking inside the box
Victoria - Aquarium Shoot
Different, but...?. Victoria is a beautiful woman and seemed to enjoy the shoot, but the scope for developing the scenario was limited by the very restrictive space inside the glass box. Had it been larger, she could have been more expansively varied in what she could do.