Marika musa mágica

June 18, 2013
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Noche inquieta

Marika está lista para ir a la cama. Pero eso no quiere decir que tiene sueño. Hay algo en su cabeza que no puede ignorar.

Comienza a explorar su cuerpo. Y este empieza a decirle lo que necesita. Ociosamente sus dedos dibujan sobre sus pezones endurecidos. Al caer sus bragas se siente libre de empujar y torcer. Su respuesta se vuelve aún más fuerte. Ahora necesita que sus dedos sean mucho más fuertes. Los deja ir a donde ellos quieran.

Finalmente puede acomodarse y descansar contenta.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Great video, featuring her perfect groin. Her ass is sumptuous with a flawless asshole. And the pussy - succulent and with no flabby labia. Delectable, in a word...
Dream come true
She is so real . I felt I was there . She has a body of sheer pleasure and so so smooth . I love it . More of her next time please
I could have kept her company...just call!
What a woman!
Magical is the right wrd indeed! The way she moves that flawless and powerful young body is pure eye candy. When she rolls over and goes doggy to show her firm ass and hot legs... my god!
A real woman, enough said
vraiment un bonheur de regarder cette beauté mise en erotisme class!!
well, it worked for me! gorgeous!
More practice
Marika is lovely but she needs more practice masturbating for the camera. The movie is a tad disjointed and jerky for me.
RE: More practice
I think that she is maybe just nervous Theo. She looks to me like she will be real hot once she settles down.
All the way
Marika it is so exciting the way that you touch yourself. Give us a lot more like this all the way to a big orgasm.
Pretty ass
What a pretty ass you have Marika and it is great to see the way you shake it like you do.
New talent
Marika is a great new talent. I am looking forward to a lot more action from her.