Flora et Zaika Romance Tropicale

March 5, 2013
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Gloire matinale

Flora et Zaika sont sorties du lit tôt. Mais elles vont tout de même rester aussi proches que possible l'une de l'autre.

Le soleil commence à caresser leurs corps. Elles sentent la chaleur de l'océan sur elles. C'est un moment paisible et tranquille. Elles se laissent aller dans cet instant sensuel ensemble. La chaleur du soleil tropical prend de l'ampleur. Il en va de même pour ce qu'elles s'offrent l'une et l'autre. Se caresser sur la plage peut les mener vers une seule direction.

Est-ce l'aube de quelque chose de plus torride à venir ?

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Commentaires des Membres

Loves dynamic...
Acted or planned, Flora has the look of the older more confident lover while Zaika comes over as the younger smitten-kitten. A lovely dynamic, added to by the juxtaposition of their difference in height. Tenderly erotic.
Creatures of a world where fear does not exist.
The setting
Flora and Zaika and the setting are magical...Hegre brings far away places and women and make them feel like we can touch them...makes his audience feel a part of the entire scene. Remarkable. Naturally, would love to next see the beautiful ladies romantically under the stars or at sunrise together...
The film showed signs of becomign interesting one minute before it ended! It was a long time to spend under running water - I hope it was warm, though the pert nipples suggested otherrwide!
Tropical Romance
Very tender. Amazing.
Wordefully stunning
Delicious films, I appreciate the beauty of model and their delicacy, Flora is wonderfully stunning, and finally thanks a lot to Alya, every her works is a masterpiece of beauty.
This is the BEST of the best for me. Totally awesome; it feels like Peter's best work. I am in awe: the sound, the rhythm, the profound expression of feminity, the beauty of the young shaktis, the location, the filming. Unbelievable. The models seem so delicate and genuine. I love the vibrator massages and I love even more this type of delicate, super pro, erotica. I want hard core stuff and I want this kind of exquisite work. Bravo. Thanks. I am grateful. I wish I had the opportunity to come to your photo workshops and chat. By the way, where is this hotel? I am going to go there with a group of advanced tantrikas. Perfect place for tantra work.
To be continued?
Two stunning ladies with beautiful bodies.....
Those are two stunning looking obviously completely heterosexual woman! As someone w/ a penis I applaud their choice in sexuality and commitment to the shoot!
No action
Zaika's been blue balling me for too long , her and coxy as matter of fact , i want to see them in more action than this , be it in a massage or a film , but please make it happen , i'll agree with the guy that said this film ended where it should've started.
Double Butt Fun
I love butts. There, I admitted it, and this video is a butt lover's dream. Butts in the water, walking butts, butts on the beach, butts in the shower, and finally butts on the bed! Loved it! Thank you Flora and Zaika!
Perfect vacation
This is what would make my perfect vacation. These girls on a tropical island are a dream.
RE: Perfect vacation
That is OK up to a point Walt. Like you say it is a holiday-style setting. More of the erotic and, let’s face it, the sexy as well should be there too. It stops where it should start.
RE: RE: Perfect vacation
I like it just the way it is. It creates a mood. It is one I like because it is relaxing and soothing with lots of erotic suggestion.
RE: RE: RE: Perfect vacation
Indeed I agree it is the sensual mood in this excellent film caught so well. Flora and Zaika are so natural in all of their movements and touching. A great pleasure to see.
I want you to know that it is like a privilege to see your life together. Thank you Flora and Zaika.
It’s a neat story. How about a follow-up? What they do next?
RE: Follow-up?
YES!!! Ms Alya, PLEASE tell me there is more to come in this story???!!