Pamela Hitachi Baguette magique

October 30, 2012
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Pamela est enchantée par son nouveau jouet. Elle en avait toujours rêvé.

Pendant un certain moment elle demeure, les jambes écartées, dans une contemplation joyeuse de la jouissance à venir. Puis l'instant longuement attendu arrive. Doucement elle prend position au bon endroit pour en profiter au maximum. Elle connaît si bien son corps. Elle se retrouve enfin dans l'extase intérieur. C'est presque trop lourd à porter.

Les minutes de félicité passent. Puis vient le temps de se replonger dans les souvenirs de tout ce vécu.


  • Durée d'exécution : 6:43 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

Beyond Perfect!
This video is beyond perfect! From the background which is solid and not so destructing with pictures hanging or a shelf with busy clutter, she's not wearing distracting jewelry or has tattoos to interfere with the complete attention to the details of this perfect body and some of the most erotic performance of self pleasure anywhere on the internet! She's also setting up for a full view of even her awesome facial expressions unlike so many clips on almost any website anywhere with the model's head and shoulders buried in the back of a sofa, pillow or a lying down position. Damn this is so good! Even the sound is wonderful as the grind of a Hitachi Magic Wand elevates the senses the same as a familiar song or grinding music during a striptease which add even more to her real and authentic performance. In summary, this video should the template for all videos on the internet worldwide! Seriously.
what was the accessory that gave support to the Magic Wand? Anyone know where to find it?
I agree, this vid is way too short . Pamela is so pretty and sexy and those pussy lips of hers are EXQUISITE as they lay against the Hitachi. It arouses me to watch her gorgeous pussy respond to the vibrations ...........she made my pussy tingle too. I totally could feel her orgasm building and that made my day ! Pamela IS eXXXtasy !!
RE: Pamela
Wow your comment made me super hard!
worked for me! loved that I could watch her get off, and NOT have to stare at a naked man!
Hitachi Pamela
Nice, but now we need the full massage treatment - front and back - and long slow caresses on that glorious pussy
Great movie. I have just one thing against it. The buzzing noise may be realistic but it is still a bit annoying when it is so loud
Hitachi Magic Wand
Next step a Sybian?
RE: Hitachi Magic Wand
Yes to a Sybian! And put the control in the woman's hand to let her control the speed herself. I've watched many many Sybian videos, and in nearly every one, the videographer (who holds the controls) seems to believe in "the faster, the better." As we've seen from the massage and tantra videos, that is not necessarily the case.
Too short
Way too short. Can we have a longer version please with her stimulating herself in different ways?
Close up
That is a cool close up shot 5 minutes in when we see her pussy lips right against it. I could watch that all day.
Real feelings
Pamela I so much wish I could be there with you when you do this. You are so much a real woman with real feelings.
Happy times
I have had one of these for years. It is the best thing I ever bought. Go for it Pamela. You have many happy times ahead.
RE: Happy times
Hi Julie where did you buy that want to surprise my wife with one she liked a lot ;)