Elvira Flor Roja

November 23, 2010
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Dos Flores Perfectas

Elvira esta de vuelta con su seductora y voluptuosa belleza y la acompaña un clavel rojo brillante que hará la labor de una mano de amante.

Mientras la flor suavemente acaricia su piel, ella te mira estudiando tu reacción. Sus labios se separan al tocarlos los pétalos, sus ojos se abren cuando el clavel baja aún más.

¿Podrá ella saber lo que está provocando en tí?, ¿podrás tú saber lo que ella siente?

Sensual y erótica, la música te excita tanto como Elvira, pero la flor sigue siendo quien se lleva toda la diversión.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Elvera red dlower
Elvira is a lovely model.Film of her was very nice.But the music was awful
pubic hair
The feminine form is beautiful because it is feminine, whether the pubic area is shaven or unshaven. The site must have a fair balance of both, and from what I've seen so far, it does. You want variety in a classy site such as this.
Shaved is beautiful
A beautiful film, made all the more sensual by the fact that she is beautifully shaven. To me, long pubic hair is gross and off-putting and I really cannot understand the clamour from some of the members for more hair. I certainly wouldn't be renewing my subscription if there is a trend in that direction.
RE: Shaved is beautiful
I totally disagree. A nice natural (but not "wild" hair triangle is beautiful. I can't stand this shaved trend: it's a kind of mutilation of the female beauty and it's vulgar to me.
RE: RE: Shaved is beautiful
Unshaven, lightly trimmed is beautiful!! Shaven just doesn't look right, certain not a turn for to me.
How does my tongue get a job as a flower?
Elvira is one of the most sexy models here at the moment. Would be great to see her enjoy a good massage.
Very sexy. Now spread 'em.
Incredibly good angles and editing, which is the new norm by Hegre. A bit more open legs and pussy would make this something ... usable.
Beautifully done. Love the close-up and intimate camera angles showing every beautiful curve of Elvira's body. The red carnation is a lovely touch with the way she caresses it and moves it around her body. Very sensuous and seductive. Elvira is a beauty.
Long Hair is very Nice!
To many shaved pussies. Sexy woman but would be sexier with more hair.
RE: Long Hair is very Nice!
Totally ok with you, let's go back to natural haired pussies !!! Please !
Very Erotic Indeed
I cannot say I have ever seen a woman with such incredibly sexy features, yet still who looks like the girl behind the counter at the local coffee shop. The way she touches herself with that flower it IS like a lovers hand!
Spread ‘em, baby!
She needs to spread her pussy. Lets see her rub the flower there.that would be more sexy than just kissing it.
Simple and Clean
Too many women these days do too much to their bodies to be sexy. Tattoos, piercings...It’s a real pleasure to see a sexy woman without all that. All you need are a pair of lips and those breasts. Agree?
RE: Simple and Clean
Agreed! One or two LITTLE TINY tattoes on certain parts of the female anatomy can be sexy. But, don't go balistic with them! THIS is ART!This is what I came to this site for! Well done, Mr Hegre! (Lucky flower, BTW!LOL)
Her eyes my god they are sexy. When she pushes her tits together with the flower in between I almost broke my desk.